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symphony Englisch Deutsch Übersetzung

Sinfonie {f}, Symphonie {f} [mus.]
Sinfonien {pl}
Sinfonie {f}; Symphonie {f} [mus.]
Sinfonien {pl}
Sinfoniesatz {m}, Symphoniesatz {m} [mus.]
movement of a symphony
'Uhren-Symphonie' (von Haydn Werktitel) [mus.]
'Clock Symphony' (by Haydn work title)
'Militärsymphonie' (von Haydn Werktitel) [mus.]
'Military Symphony' (by Haydn work title)
'Symphonie mit dem Paukenschlag' (von Haydn Werktitel) [mus.]
'Surprise Symphony' (by Haydn work title)
'Abschiedssymphonie' (von Haydn Werktitel) [mus.]
'Farewell Symphony' (von Haydn work title)
'Symphonie mit dem Paukenwirbel' (von Haydn Werktitel) [mus.]
'Drum-Roll Symphony' (by Haydn work title)
'Symphonie aus der Neuen Welt' (von Dvorak Werktitel) [mus.]
'New World Symphony' (by Dvorak work title)
'Rheinische Symphonie' (von Schumann Werktitel) [mus.]
'Rhenish Symphony' (by Schumann work title)
'Eine Alpensymphonie' (von Strauss Werktitel) [mus.]
'An Alpine Symphony' (by Strauss work title)
Sinfoniesatz {m}; Symphoniesatz {m} [mus.]
Sinfoniesätze {pl}; Symphoniesätze {pl}
movement of a symphony
movements of a symphony
'Auferstehungssymphonie' (von Mahler Werktitel) [mus.]
'Resurrection Symphony' (by Mahler work title)
'Symphonie der Tausend' (von Mahler Werktitel) [mus.]
'Symphony of a Thousand' (by Mahler work title)
'Psalmensymphonie' (von Strawinski Werktitel) [mus.]
'Symphony of Psalms' (by Stravinsky work title)
'Jagdsymphonie' (von Haydn Werktitel) [mus.]
'Hunt Symphony'; 'The Hunt' (by Haydn work title)
'Reformationssymphonie' (von Mendelssohn Werktitel) [mus.]
'Reformation Symphony' (by Mendelssohn work title)
'Die Unvollendete' (von Schubert Werktitel) [mus.]
'The Unfinished Symphony' (by Schubert work title)
'Pastoral-Sinfonie'; 'Pastorale' (von Beethoven Werktitel) [mus.]
'Pastoral Symphony'; 'Pastoral'(by Beethoven work title)
'Schlacht-Sinfonie'; 'Wellingtons Sieg oder die Schlacht bei Vittoria' (von Beethoven Werktitel) [mus.]
'Battle Symphony'; 'Wellington's Victory or the Battle of Vittoria' (by Beethoven work title)

Deutsche Synonyme für Symphonie

Sinfonie  Symphonie  

Englische Synonyme für symphony

symphony  German band  Philharmonic  accord  accordance  affinity  agape  agreement  amity  attune  attunement  band  big band  bonds of harmony  brass  brass band  brass choir  brass quintet  brass section  brasses  brotherly love  callithumpian band  caritas  cement of friendship  chamber orchestra  charity  chime  chiming  classic  classical music  combo  communion  community  community of interests  compatibility  concentus  concert  concert band  concert music  concertino  concerto  concerto grosso  concord  concordance  congeniality  consonance  consonancy  consort  correspondence  desks  diapason  dixieland band  empathy  ensemble  esprit  esprit de corps  euphony  feeling of identity  fellow feeling  fellowship  frictionlessness  gamelan orchestra  good vibes  good vibrations  group  happy family  harmonics  harmony  heavy harmony  homophony  identity  jazz band  jug band  kinship  like-mindedness  longhair music  love  military band  monochord  monody  mutuality  oneness  orchestra  peace  philharmonic  quartet  quintet  ragtime band  rapport  rapprochement  reciprocity  rhapsody  rock-and-roll group  semiclassical music  sextet  sharing  sinfonietta  skiffle band  solidarity  steel band  street band  string band  string choir  string orchestra  string quartet  strings  swing band  sympathy  symphonia  symphonic music  symphonic ode  symphony orchestra  synchronism  synchronization  team spirit  three-part harmony  tone poem  trio  tune  understanding  union  unison  unisonance  unity  waits  woodwind  woodwind choir  woodwind quartet  woodwinds  


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A symphony is an extended musical composition in Western classical music, most often written by composers for orchestra. Although the term has had many meanings from its origins in the ancient Greek era, by the late 18th century the word had taken on the meaning common today: a work usually consisting of multiple distinct sections or movements, often four, with the first movement in sonata form. Symphonies are scored for string , brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments which altogether number about 30?100 musicians. Symphonies are notated in a musical score, which contains all the instrument parts. Orchestral musicians play from parts which contain just the notated music for their instrument. A small number of symphonies also contain vocal parts .
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