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Deutsche Synonyme für Zuckersaft

Englische Synonyme für syrup

syrup  adherent  adhesive  albumen  ambrosia  artificial sweetener  balm  balsam  barnacle  batter  blackstrap  bonnyclabber  bramble  brier  bulldog  burr  butter  calcium cyclamate  cane syrup  cement  clabber  clover honey  comb honey  corn syrup  cornstarch  cream  curd  cyclamates  decal  decalcomania  dough  drops  drug  edulcoration  egg white  electuary  elixir  ethical drug  gaum  gel  gelatin  generic name  glair  glop  glue  gluten  goo  gook  goop  gruel  gumbo  gunk  herbs  honey  honeycomb  honeydew  honeypot  inhalant  jam  jell  jelly  leech  limpet  lincture  linctus  loblolly  maple syrup  materia medica  medicament  medication  medicinal  medicinal herbs  medicine  mixture  molasses  mucilage  mucus  nectar  nonprescription drug  officinal  pap  paste  patent medicine  pharmacon  physic  plaster  porridge  powder  preparation  prescription drug  prickle  proprietary  proprietary medicine  proprietary name  pudding  pulp  puree  putty  remora  rob  saccharification  saccharin  semifluid  semiliquid  simples  size  sodium cyclamate  sorghum  soup  starch  sticker  sticky mess  sugar  sugar-making  sugaring off  sweetener  sweetening  sweets  theraputant  thorn  tisane  treacle  vegetable remedies  
syrupy  adhesive  ambrosial  amylaceous  bittersweet  candied  clabbered  clammy  clotted  coagulated  curdled  doughy  drippy  gaumy  gelatinous  glairy  gluelike  gluey  glutenous  glutinose  glutinous  gooey  grumous  gumbo  gumbolike  gumlike  gummous  gummy  heavy  honeyed  honeysweet  inspissated  jelled  jellied  jellylike  maudlin  melliferous  mellifluent  mellifluous  moist  mucilaginous  mushy  nectareous  nectarous  pasty  ropy  sacchariferous  sappy  slabby  slimy  slithery  slushy  sour-sweet  starchy  sticky  stodgy  stringy  sugarcoated  sugared  sugarsweet  sugary  sweet  sweet and pungent  sweet and sour  sweet as sugar  sweetened  sweetish  tacky  tenacious  thick  thickened  tough  tremelloid  tremellose  viscid  viscose  viscous  


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In cooking, a syrup or sirup is a condiment that is a thick, viscous liquid consisting primarily of a solution of sugar in water, containing a large amount of dissolved sugars but showing little tendency to deposit crystals. Its consistency is similar to that of molasses. The viscosity arises from the multiple hydrogen bonds between the dissolved sugar, which has many hydroxyl groups, and the water.
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