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used  ablated  acquainted with  adapted to  applied  by the board  cast-off  consumed  depleted  dissipated  down the drain  employed  eroded  exercised  exerted  expended  familiar with  forfeit  forfeited  gone  gone to waste  hand-me-down  in use  irretrievable  long-lost  lost  lost to  misspent  not new  occupied  old  out the window  pawed-over  run to seed  secondhand  shrunken  spent  squandered  unnew  used to  used up  wasted  worn  worn away  
used to  acclimated  acclimatized  accommodated  accustomed  adapted  addicted  addicted to  adjusted  at home in  at home with  case-hardened  conditioned  conversant with  dependent  dependent on  experienced  familiar with  familiarized  habituated  habitue  hardened  hooked  hooked on  in a rut  inured  naturalized  never free from  no stranger to  orientated  oriented  run-in  seasoned  spaced out  trained  wont  wonted  
used up  ablated  all in  ausgespielt  beat  beat up  beaten  bleary  bone-weary  burned-out  burnt up  bushed  by the board  consumed  dead  dead-and-alive  dead-tired  deadbeat  depleted  devitalized  disabled  dissipated  dog-tired  dog-weary  done  done in  done up  drained  eaten up  effete  emptied  enervated  enfeebled  eroded  eviscerated  exhausted  expended  fagged out  far-gone  fatigued  finished  forfeit  forfeited  frazzled  gone  impoverished  incapacitated  irretrievable  jaded  knocked out  laid low  long-lost  lost  lost to  out  out the window  played out  pooped  pooped out  prostrate  ready to drop  run-down  sapped  shotten  shrunken  spent  squandered  tired  tired out  tired to death  tuckered out  used  washed-out  washed-up  wasted  weakened  weary unto death  whacked  wiped out  worn  worn away  worn-out  

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