Deutsche Affenhand Synonyme

Englische ape hand; monkey hand; simian hand Synonyme

ape  Barbary ape  Cape polecat  Chiroptera  Lagomorpha  Primates  Rodentia  act  act a part  act as  act out  angwantibo  anthropoid ape  ape about  appear like  approach  approximate  aye-aye  baboon  bar  be like  be redolent of  bear  bear resemblance  bring to mind  bugs on  burlesque  call to mind  call up  capuchin  caricature  cavy  chacma  chimp  chimpanzee  come close  come near  compare with  conformist  coon  copier  copy  copycat  copyist  correspond  counterfeit  counterfeiter  cracked on  crazy about  cuckoo  dissembler  dissimulator  do  drill  echo  echoer  echoist  emulate  enact  entellus  evoke  faker  favor  ferret  follow  forger  foumart  freaked-out  gaga over  gibbon  glutton  gone on  gorilla  groundhog  guenon  guereza  guinea pig  hanuman  hedgehog  hepped up over  hipped on  hit off  hit off on  hot about  hypocrite  imitate  imitator  impersonate  impersonator  impostor  langur  lemur  look like  macaque  mad about  make like  man  mandrill  marmoset  masquerade as  match  mime  mimer  mimic  mimicker  mirror  mock  mocker  mockingbird  monk  monkey  mountain gorilla  mousehound  near  nearly reproduce  not tell apart  nuts about  nuts on  opossum  orang  orangutan  pantomime  parallel  parody  parrot  partake of  pass for  perform  personate  phony  plagiarist  play  play a part  polecat  poll-parrot  polly  polly-parrot  porcupine  pose as  poseur  possum  prairie dog  pretend to be  proboscis monkey  quill pig  raccoon  remind one of  resemble  rhesus  rival  saki  savor of  seem like  sheep  simulate  simulator  skunk  smack of  sound like  stack up with  starry-eyed over  steamed up about  suggest  take after  take off  take off on  travesty  turned-on  weasel  whistle-pig  wild about  wolverine  woodchuck  zoril  
apercu  a priori knowledge  abbreviation  abbreviature  abrege  abridgment  abstract  anticipation  article  brief  buddhi  capsule  causerie  clairvoyance  compend  condensation  condensed version  conspectus  descant  digest  direct apprehension  discourse  discussion  disquisition  dissertation  draft  epitome  essay  etude  examination  excursus  exposition  feature  first approach  head  homily  immediate cognition  insight  inspiration  introductory study  intuition  intuitionism  intuitive reason  intuitiveness  intuitivism  knowledge without thought  lucubration  memoir  monograph  morceau  note  outline  overview  pandect  paper  paragraph  piece  precis  precognition  preliminary study  prolegomenon  research paper  review  rubric  satori  screed  second sight  second-sightedness  shortened version  sixth sense  skeleton  sketch  special article  study  subconscious knowledge  subconscious perception  survey  syllabus  synopsis  term paper  theme  thesis  thumbnail sketch  topical outline  tract  tractate  treatise  treatment  unmediated perception  
aperitif  Mickey  Mickey Finn  antepast  antipasto  appetizer  canape  chaser  cocktail  doch-an-dorrach  drink  eye-opener  foretaste  highball  knockout drops  mixed drink  nightcap  parting cup  pousse-cafe  punch  smorgasbord  stirrup cup  sundowner  wee doch-an-dorrach  whet  
aperture  access  aisle  alley  ambulatory  arcade  artery  avenue  bore  breach  break  broaching  cavity  channel  chasm  check  chink  clearing  cleft  cloister  colonnade  communication  conduit  connection  corridor  covered way  crack  crevice  cut  defile  disclosure  discontinuity  exit  fenestra  ferry  fissure  fistula  fontanel  foramen  ford  gallery  gap  gape  gash  gat  gulf  hiatus  hole  hollow  inlet  interchange  intersection  interstice  interval  junction  lacuna  lane  laying open  leak  opening  opening up  orifice  outlet  overpass  pass  passage  passageway  perforation  pinhole  pore  portico  prick  puncture  railroad tunnel  rupture  slash  slit  slot  space  split  stoma  throwing open  traject  trajet  tunnel  uncorking  underpass  unstopping  vent  yawn  
apex  L  Olympian heights  achievement  acme  aerial heights  alveolar ridge  alveolus  angle  apogee  arytenoid cartilages  attainment  back  bend  bifurcation  bight  blade  brow  cant  cap  capstone  chevron  climax  cloud nine  coin  consummation  corner  crank  crescendo  crest  crook  crotchet  crown  culmen  culmination  deflection  dizzy heights  dogleg  dorsum  edge  elbow  elevation  ell  eminence  ether  extreme limit  extremity  fork  furcation  hard palate  heaven  heavens  height  heights  high noon  highest pitch  highest point  hook  inflection  knee  larynx  last word  lift  limit  lips  maximum  meridian  mountaintop  nasal cavity  ne plus ultra  no place higher  nook  noon  noontide  oral cavity  palate  peak  pharyngeal cavity  pharynx  pinnacle  pitch  point  pole  prime  prominence  quoin  raise  realization  ridge  rise  rising ground  roof  seventh heaven  sky  soft palate  speech organ  spire  steep  stratosphere  summit  swerve  syrinx  teeth  teeth ridge  tip  tip-top  tongue  top  ultimate  upmost  upper extremity  uppermost  uprise  utmost  vantage ground  vantage point  veer  very top  vocal chink  vocal cords  vocal folds  vocal processes  voice box  zag  zenith  zig  zigzag  

Affenhand Definition

Bloody hand
() A hand stained with the blood of a deer, which, in the old forest laws of England, was sufficient evidence of a man's trespass in the forest against venison.
Bloody hand
() A red hand, as in the arms of Ulster, which is now the distinguishing mark of a baronet of the United Kingdom.
(n.) A factotum.
Bow hand
() The hand that holds the bow, i. e., the left hand.
Bow hand
() The hand that draws the bow, i. e., the right hand.
(a.) Obtained directly from the first or original source
(a.) Consisting of four horses controlled by one person
(n.) A team of four horses driven by one person
(a.) Done by the hand, without support, or the guidance of instruments
(n.) That part of the fore limb below the forearm or wrist in man and monkeys, and the corresponding part in many other animals
(n.) That which resembles, or to some extent performs the office of, a human hand
(n.) A limb of certain animals, as the foot of a hawk, or any one of the four extremities of a monkey.
(n.) An index or pointer on a dial
(n.) A measure equal to a hand's breadth, -- four inches
(n.) Side
(n.) Power of performance
(n.) Actual performance
(n.) An agent
(n.) Handwriting
(n.) Personal possession
(n.) Agency in transmission from one person to another
(n.) Rate
(n.) That which is, or may be, held in a hand at once
(n.) The quota of cards received from the dealer.
(n.) A bundle of tobacco leaves tied together.
(n.) The small part of a gunstock near the lock, which is grasped by the hand in taking aim.
Hand staves
(pl. ) of Hand
(v. t.) To give, pass, or transmit with the hand
(v. t.) To lead, guide, or assist with the hand
(v. t.) To manage
(v. t.) To seize
(v. t.) To pledge by the hand
(v. t.) To furl
(v. i.) To cooperate.
Hand flus
(pl. ) of Handful
(n.) A small hole in a boiler for the insertion of the hand in cleaning, etc.
(a.) As tight as can be made by the hand.
(a.) Having wings that are like hands in the structure and arrangement of their bones
(n.) See Handiwork.
(a.) Situated on the left
(n.) In the most general sense, any one of the Quadrumana, including apes, baboons, and lemurs.
(n.) Any species of Quadrumana, except the lemurs.
(n.) Any one of numerous species of Quadrumana (esp. such as have a long tail and prehensile feet) exclusive of apes and baboons.
(n.) A term of disapproval, ridicule, or contempt, as for a mischievous child.
(n.) The weight or hammer of a pile driver, that is, a very heavy mass of iron, which, being raised on high, falls on the head of the pile, and drives it into the earth
(n.) A small trading vessel of the sixteenth century.
(v. t. & i.) To act or treat as a monkey does
(n.) The fruit of the Adansonia digitata
(n.) See Nepenthes.
(n.) The fruit of two South American trees (Lecythis Ollaria, and L. Zabucajo), which have for their fruit large, pot-shaped, woody capsules containing delicious nuts, and opening almost explosively by a circular lid at the top. Vases and pots are made of this capsule.

ape hand; monkey hand; simian hand / ape hands; monkey hands; simian hands Bedeutung

laying on of hands laying hands on a person's head to invoke spiritual blessing in Christian ordination
sleight of hand
manual dexterity in the execution of tricks
wrestling grapple
hand-to-hand struggle
the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat, they had a fierce wrestle, we watched his grappling and wrestling with the bully
laying on of hands the application of a faith healer's hands to the patient's body
monkey business mischievous or deceitful behavior
(with `in') guardianship over, in divorce cases it is the right to house and care for and discipline a child, my fate is in your hands, too much power in the president's hands, your guests are now in my custody, the mother was awarded custody of the children
jacking off
jerking off
hand job
slang for masturbation
helping hand
physical assistance, give me a hand with the chores
monkey pinscher
monkey dog
European breed of small dog resembling a terrier with dark wiry hair and a tufted muzzle
hand terminal part of the forelimb in certain vertebrates (e.g. apes or kangaroos), the kangaroo's forearms seem undeveloped but the powerful five-fingered hands are skilled at feinting and clouting- Springfield (Mass.) Union
simian an ape or monkey
monkey any of various long-tailed primates (excluding the prosimians)
Old World monkey
of Africa or Arabia or Asia, having nonprehensile tails and nostrils close together
guenon monkey
small slender African monkey having long hind limbs and tail and long hair around the face
vervet monkey
Cercopithecus aethiops pygerythrus
South African monkey with black face and hands
green monkey
African green monkey
Cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus
common savannah monkey with greenish-grey back and yellow tail
hussar monkey
Erythrocebus patas
reddish long-tailed monkey of west Africa
rhesus monkey
Macaca mulatta
of southern Asia, used in medical research
bonnet macaque
bonnet monkey
capped macaque
crown monkey
Macaca radiata
Indian macaque with a bonnet-like tuft of hair
crab-eating macaque
croo monkey
Macaca irus
monkey of southeast Asia, Borneo and the Philippines
colobus monkey
arboreal monkey of western and central Africa with long silky fur and reduced thumbs
proboscis monkey
Nasalis larvatus
Borneo monkey having a long bulbous nose
New World monkey
hairy-faced arboreal monkeys having widely separated nostrils and long usually prehensile tails
lion monkey
lion marmoset
small South American marmoset with silky fur and long nonprehensile tail
howler monkey
monkey of tropical South American forests having a loud howling cry
titi monkey
small South American monkeys with long beautiful fur and long nonprehensile tail
spider monkey
Ateles geoffroyi
arboreal monkey of tropical America with long slender legs and long prehensile tail
squirrel monkey
Saimiri sciureus
small long-tailed monkey of Central American and South America with greenish fur and black muzzle
woolly monkey large monkeys with dark skin and woolly fur of the Amazon and Orinoco basins
barrel organ
grind organ
hand organ
hurdy gurdy
street organ
a musical instrument that makes music by rotation of a cylinder studded with pegs
brass monkey a metal stand that formerly held cannon balls on sailing ships
a carriage pulled by four horses with one driver
flying bridge
fly bridge
monkey bridge
the highest navigational bridge on a ship, a small (often open) deck above the pilot house
four-in-hand a long necktie that is tied in a slipknot with one end hanging in front of the other
hand a rotating pointer on the face of a timepiece, the big hand counts the minutes
hand ax
hand axe
a stone tool with a cutting edge, the stone is held in the hand and used for chopping
hand blower
blow dryer
blow drier
hair dryer
hair drier
a hand-held electric blower that can blow warm air onto the hair, used for styling hair
hand brake
emergency brake
parking brake
a brake operated by hand, usually operates by mechanical linkage
hand calculator
pocket calculator
a calculator small enough to hold in the hand or carry in a pocket
hand cream moisturizing cream for the hands
hand drill
handheld drill
a small portable drill held and operated by hand
hand glass
simple microscope
magnifying glass
light microscope consisting of a single convex lens that is used to produce an enlarged image, the magnifying glass was invented by Roger Bacon in
hand glass hand mirror a mirror intended to be held in the hand
hand grenade a grenade designed to be thrown by hand
hand-held computer
hand-held microcomputer
a portable battery-powered computer small enough to be carried in your pocket
hand line
a fishing line managed principally by hand
hand lotion lotion used to soften the hands
hand luggage luggage that is light enough to be carried by hand
hand-me-down outgrown garment passed down from one person to another
hand mower a lawn mower that is operated by hand
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