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Brother german
() A brother by both the father's and mother's side, in contradistinction to a uterine brother, one by the mother only.
(n.) A first cousin. See Note under Cousin, 1.
(a.) Nearly related
(pl. ) of German
(n.) A native or one of the people of Germany.
(n.) The German language.
(n.) A round dance, often with a waltz movement, abounding in capriciosly involved figures.
(n.) A social party at which the german is danced.
(n.) Of or pertaining to Germany.

Afro-German / Afro-Germans Bedeutung

German lesson instruction in the German language
German short-haired pointer liver or liver-and-white hunting dog developed in Germany,
pointer and
German shepherd
German shepherd dog
German police dog
breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind
black bee
German bee
darkolored ill-tempered honeybee supposedly of German origin
German cockroach
Croton bug
water bug Blattella germanica
small light-brown cockroach brought to United States from Europe, a common household pest
Afro-wig a wig that gives the appearance of an Afro hairdo
Afro hairdo
a rounded thickly curled hairdo
High German
German language
the standard German language, developed historically from West Germanic
Old High German High German prior to
Middle High German High German from to
Low German
a German dialect spoken in northern Germany
Middle Low German Low German from to
Afroasiatic language
Afrasian language
a large family of related languages spoken both in Asia and Africa
german pancake
puffy mildly sweet lemon-flavored egg mixture sprinkled with confectioners' sugar and served with jam or a wine or fruit sauce
German Luftwaffe
the German airforce
National Socialist German Workers' Party
Nazi Party
the political party founded in Germany in and brought to power by Hitler in
East Germany
German Democratic Republic
a republic in north central Europe on the Baltic, established by the Soviet Union in , reunified with West Germany in
German capital
capital of Germany located in eastern Germany
African American
Black American
an American whose ancestors were born in Africa
German American an American who was born in Germany or whose ancestors were German
German a person of German nationality
East German a native or inhabitant of the former republic of East Germany
first cousin
full cousin
the child of your aunt or uncle
King of the Germans the sovereign ruler of the Germans
German Nazi
a German member of Adolf Hitler's political party
Louis II
Louis le Begue
Louis the Stammerer
Louis the German
king of France and Germany (-)
German ivy
Delairea odorata
Senecio milkanioides
South African succulent evergreen twining climber with yellow flowers grown primarily as a houseplant for its foliage, sometimes placed in genus Senecio
sweet false chamomile
wild chamomile
German chamomile
Matricaria recutita
Matricaria chamomilla
annual Eurasian herb similar in fragrance and medicinal uses to chamomile though taste is more bitter and effect is considered inferior
German millet
golden wonder millet
Setaria italica stramineofructa
millet having yellow grains in large drooping spikes
common evening primrose
German rampion
Oenothera biennis
a coarse biennial of eastern North America with yellow flowers that open in the evening, naturalized in Europe
false tamarisk
German tamarisk
Myricaria germanica
Eurasian shrub resembling the tamarisk
German iris Iris germanica a large iris with purple or white flowers, native to central and southern Europe
German iris Iris kochii iris of northern Italy having deep blue-purple flowers, similar to but smaller than Iris germanica
German monetary unit monetary unit in Germany
German mark
Deutsche Mark
formerly the basic unit of money in Germany
German measles
three-day measles
epidemic roseola
a contagious viral disease that is a milder form of measles lasting three or four days, can be damaging to a fetus during the first trimester
nickel silver
German silver
a silver-white alloy containing copper and zinc and nickel
pertaining to or characteristic of Americans of African ancestry, Afro-American culture, many black people preferred to be called African-American or Afro-American
German-speaking able to communicate in German
German-American of or relating to or characteristic of German Americans
Afro-Asian of or relating to the nations of Africa and Asia or their peoples, Afro-Asian population
German of or pertaining to or characteristic of Germany or its people or language, German philosophers, German universities, German literature
East German relating to or characteristic of East Germany, East German spies
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Als Afrodeutsche oder auch schwarze Deutsche werden deutsche Staatsbürger mit subsaharischer Abstammung bezeichnet. Sie zählen zur afrikanischen Diaspora.