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Englische anal fin Synonyme

anal  abdominal  accordant  appendical  bourgeois  cardiac  cecal  colic  colonic  compulsive  concordant  conformist  conventional  coronary  corresponding  dinky  duodenal  enteric  formalistic  gastric  harmonious  ileac  in accord  in keeping  in line  in step  intestinal  jejunal  kosher  mesogastric  neat  orthodox  pedantic  plastic  precisianistic  pyloric  rectal  shipshape  sleek  slick  smart  snug  splanchnic  spruce  square  straight  stuffy  tidy  tight  traditionalist  trig  trim  uptight  visceral  well-cared-for  well-groomed  
analects  Festschrift  adage  album  ana  anthology  aphorism  apothegm  axiom  beauties  byword  canon  catchword  chrestomathy  clippings  collectanea  collected sayings  collected works  collection  compilation  complete works  current saying  cuttings  delectus  dictate  dictum  distich  epigram  excerpta  excerpts  expression  extracts  florilegium  flowers  fragments  garden  garland  gleanings  gnome  golden saying  maxim  miscellanea  miscellany  moral  mot  motto  omnibus  oracle  photograph album  phrase  pithy saying  posy  precept  prescript  proverb  proverbial saying  proverbs  quotation book  saw  saying  scrapbook  sentence  sententious expression  sloka  stock saying  sutra  symposium  teaching  text  verse  wisdom  wisdom literature  wise saying  witticism  word  words of wisdom  
analeptic  adjuvant  alterative  bracing  corrective  corroborant  curative  healing  iatric  invigorating  medicative  medicinal  refreshing  remedial  reparative  reparatory  restitutive  restitutory  restorative  reviving  roborant  sanative  sanatory  stimulating  strengthening  therapeutic  theriac  tonic  
analgesia  abatement  allayment  alleviation  anesthesia  anesthetizing  anxiety equivalent  appeasement  assuagement  callousness  deadening  deadness  depraved appetite  diminishment  diminution  dulling  dullness  ease  easement  easing  electronarcosis  impassibility  imperception  imperceptiveness  imperceptivity  impercipience  inconsiderateness  insensibility  insensibleness  insensitiveness  insensitivity  insentience  lessening  lulling  mitigation  mollification  narcosis  narcotization  neurasthenia  numbing  numbness  obtuseness  palliation  paresthesia  parorexia  pica  pins and needles  reduction  relief  remedy  salving  softening  soothing  speech abnormality  subduement  thick skin  unfeeling  unfeelingness  unperceptiveness  
analgesic  Amytal  Amytal pill  Darvon  Demerol  Dolophine  H  Luminal  Luminal pill  M  Mickey Finn  Nembutal  Nembutal pill  Pyramidon  Seconal  Seconal pill  Tuinal  Tuinal pill  acetanilide  acetophenetidin  acetylsalicylic acid  alcohol  alleviating  alleviative  amobarbital sodium  anesthetic  anodyne  aspirin  assuasive  balmy  balsamic  barb  barbiturate  barbiturate pill  benumbing  black stuff  blue  blue angel  blue devil  blue heaven  blue velvet  calmant  calmative  cathartic  chloral hydrate  cleansing  codeine  codeine cough syrup  deadening  demulcent  depressant  depressor  dolly  dope  downer  drug  dulling  easing  emollient  goofball  hard stuff  heroin  hop  horse  hypnotic  junk  knockout drop  knockout drops  laudanum  lenitive  liquor  lotus  meperidine  methadone  mitigating  mitigative  morphia  morphine  narcotic  numbing  opiate  opium  pacifier  pain killer  pain-killer  pain-killing  palliative  paregoric  pen yan  phenacetin  phenobarbital  phenobarbital sodium  purgative  purple heart  quietener  quietening  rainbow  red  relieving  remedial  scag  secobarbital sodium  sedative  shit  sleep-inducer  sleep-inducing  sleeper  sleeping draught  sleeping pill  smack  sodium salicylate  sodium thiopental  softening  somnifacient  somniferous  soother  soothing  soothing syrup  soporific  stunning  stupefying  subduing  tar  tranquilizer  tranquilizing  turps  white stuff  yellow  yellow jacket  
analogous  akin  aligned  alike  analogical  answering  coequal  coextending  coextensive  collatable  collateral  commensurable  commensurate  comparable  comparative  complemental  complementary  concurrent  consonant  convertible  correlative  correspondent  corresponding  duplicate  equal  equidistant  equipollent  equispaced  equivalent  even  homologous  interchangeable  kindred  lined up  matchable  matching  much at one  nonconvergent  nondivergent  of a kind  of a piece  of a size  parallel  parallelepipedal  parallelinervate  paralleling  parallelodrome  parallelogrammatic  parallelogrammic  parallelotropic  reciprocal  reciprocative  relative  similar  tantamount  twin  undifferentiated  uniform  
analogue  ally  alter ego  analogon  associate  brother  close copy  close match  cognate  companion  complement  congenator  congener  coordinate  correlate  correlative  correspondent  counterpart  each other  equivalent  fellow  image  kindred spirit  like  likeness  match  mate  near duplicate  obverse  one another  parallel  pendant  picture  reciprocal  reciprocatist  reciprocator  second self  similitude  simulacrum  sister  soul mate  such  suchlike  tally  the like of  the likes of  twin  
analogy  accordance  affinity  agent  agreement  alignment  alikeness  allegory  alliance  alternate  alternative  ambiguity  aping  approach  approximation  assimilation  backup  balancing  change  changeling  closeness  coextension  collineation  community  comparability  comparative anatomy  comparative degree  comparative grammar  comparative judgment  comparative linguistics  comparative literature  comparative method  compare  comparing  comparison  concurrence  conformity  confrontation  confrontment  contrast  contrastiveness  copy  copying  correlation  correspondence  counterfeit  deputy  distinction  distinctiveness  double  dummy  equal  equidistance  equivalent  equivocation  equivoque  ersatz  exchange  fake  fill-in  ghost  ghostwriter  identity  imitation  likeness  likening  locum tenens  makeshift  matching  metaphor  metonymy  mimicking  nearness  next best thing  nondivergence  opposing  opposition  parallelism  parity  personnel  phony  pinch hitter  proportion  proxy  relation  relief  replacement  representative  resemblance  reserves  ringer  sameness  second string  secondary  semblance  sign  similarity  simile  similitude  simulation  spares  stand-in  sub  substituent  substitute  substitution  succedaneum  superseder  supplanter  surrogate  symbol  synecdoche  tergiversation  third string  token  trope of comparison  understudy  utility player  vicar  vice-president  vice-regent  weighing  
analysis  Baconian method  Boolean algebra  Euclidean geometry  Fourier analysis  Lagrangian function  a fortiori reasoning  a posteriori reasoning  a priori reasoning  abstraction  accounting  airing  algebra  algebraic geometry  alteration  analytic geometry  anatomization  anatomy  arithmetic  arrangement  assay  associative algebra  atomization  audit  automatic electronic navigation  binary arithmetic  braking  breakdown  breakup  buzz session  calculus  canvassing  cataloging  categorization  change  checkup  circle geometry  circumstantiation  classification  codification  colloquium  comment  commentary  commentation  computation  conference  consideration  coordination  critical review  criticism  critique  debate  debating  decomposition  deduction  deductive reasoning  deliberation  demarcation  depth interview  depth psychology  descriptive geometry  desynonymization  diaeresis  dialectic  dialogue  differencing  differential calculus  differentiation  discrimination  discussion  disequalization  disintegration  disjunction  dissection  distinction  distinguishment  diversification  division  division algebra  doctrinairism  doctrinality  doctrinarity  dream analysis  dream symbolism  editorial  enquiry  epagoge  equivalent algebras  examination  exchange of views  explanation  fact distribution  filing  forecasts  forum  game theory  generalization  geodesy  geometry  gloss  grading  graphic algebra  group analysis  group theory  grouping  higher algebra  higher arithmetic  hyperbolic geometry  hypothesis and verification  indexing  individualization  individuation  induction  inductive reasoning  inference  infinitesimal calculus  inquest  inquirendo  inquiring  inquiring mind  inquiry  inquisition  inspection  integral calculus  interpretation  interpretation of dreams  intuitional geometry  invariant subalgebra  inverse geometry  investigation  itemization  joint discussion  judgement  leader  leading article  line geometry  linear algebra  logical a  
analyst  analyzer  assayer  behavior therapist  clinical psychologist  essayer  examiner  experimenter  headshrinker  hypnotherapist  narcotherapist  psychiatrist  psychoanalyst  psychoanalyzer  psychotherapeutist  psychotherapist  research worker  researcher  shrink  shrinker  test driver  test pilot  tester  tryer-out  
analytic  a fortiori  a posteriori  a priori  acute  algebraic  analytical  categorical  classificatory  conditional  deductive  deep  dialectic  discursive  enthymematic  enumerative  epagogic  examinational  examinatorial  examining  explorational  explorative  exploratory  fact-finding  feeling  geometric  groping  heuristic  hypothetical  indagative  inductive  inferential  inspectional  inspectorial  investigational  investigative  investigatory  keen  maieutic  mathematical  numeric  penetrating  piercing  profound  ratiocinative  ratiocinatory  rational  reasoning  schematic  segmental  sharp  soritical  subtle  syllogistic  synthetic  tentative  testing  trying  zetetic  
analytical  a fortiori  a posteriori  a priori  algebraic  analytic  categorical  classificatory  conditional  deductive  dialectic  discursive  enthymematic  enumerative  epagogic  examinational  examinatorial  examining  explorational  explorative  exploratory  fact-finding  feeling  geometric  groping  heuristic  hypothetical  indagative  inductive  inferential  inspectional  inspectorial  investigational  investigative  investigatory  maieutic  mathematical  numeric  ratiocinative  ratiocinatory  rational  reasoning  schematic  segmental  soritical  subtle  syllogistic  synthetic  tentative  testing  trying  zetetic  
analyze  air  alphabetize  anatomize  apply reason  arrange  assay  assort  atomize  bracket  break down  break up  canvass  catalog  categorize  change  chop logic  class  classify  codify  comment upon  conjugate  consider  contradistinguish  controvert  deal with  debate  decline  decompose  deduce  deliberate  deliberate upon  demarcate  demark  desynonymize  difference  differentiate  digest  discourse about  discriminate  discuss  disequalize  disjoin  dissect  distinguish  diversify  divide  draw the line  examine  exchange views  file  generalize  go into  grade  group  handle  hyphenate  hypothesize  index  individualize  individuate  infer  inflect  inspect  intellectualize  investigate  knock around  list  logicalize  logicize  make a distinction  mark  mark off  mark out  mark the interface  modify  order  parenthesize  parse  part  particularize  pass under review  personalize  philosophize  pick out  pigeonhole  place  point  provide a rationale  punctuate  range  rank  rap  rate  rationalize  reason  reason about  reason the point  reduce  reduce to elements  refine a distinction  resolve  review  screen  screen out  scrutinize  segment  segregate  select  separate  set a limit  set apart  set off  sever  severalize  sieve  sieve out  sift  sift out  sort  sort out  specialize  split hairs  study  subdivide  subtilize  syllogize  synthesize  tabulate  take up  talk  talk about  talk of  talk over  theorize  thresh out  treat  type  use reason  vary  ventilate  winnow  
analyzer  analyst  assayer  breaker  centrifuge  cutter  essayer  examiner  experimenter  gas analyzer  mass spectrograph  mass spectrometer  research worker  researcher  scanner  separator  sieve  stripper  test driver  test pilot  tester  tryer-out  
analyzing  EDP  appraisal  appraisement  appraising  appreciation  assessing  assessment  classifying  collating  computer technology  computer typesetting  computing  data processing  data retrieval  electronic data processing  estimate  estimation  evaluating  evaluation  evaluative criticism  gauging  high-speed data handling  machine computation  measurement  opinion  ranking  rating  reckoning  reporting  scanning  sorting  valuation  valuing  view  weighing  


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