Atemschutzarbeiten Deutsch Englisch Übersetzung

Atemschutzarbeiten pl techn.
air mask works
Atemschutzarbeiten pl techn.
air mask works
Atemschutz m
respiratory protection
Atemschutzanlagen pl mach.
respiratory protection plants
Atemschutzarbeiten pl techn.
air mask works
Atemschutzgerät n
Atemschutzgeräte pl
breathing apparatus, respirator
breathing apparatuses, respirators
Atemschutzgerät n
Atemschutzgeräte pl
breathing apparatus; respirator
breathing apparatuses; respirators
Bei unzureichender Belüftung Staubentwicklung Atemschutzgerät anlegen. (Sicherheitshinweis)
In case of insufficient ventilation If dust escapes wear a respiratory protection. (safety note)
Ausreichende Lüftung anwenden oder wirksames Atemschutzgerät tragen. (Sicherheitshinweis)
When this material is used effective ventilation must be provided or an efficient respiratory protection must be worn. (safety note)
Beim Räuchern Versprühen geeignetes Atemschutzgerät anlegen. (Sicherheitshinweis)
During fumigation spraying wear suitable respiratory equipment. (safety note)
Atemschutzgerät n; Atemgerät n ugs. (für die Feuerwehr oder Industriearbeiter)
Atemschutzgeräte pl; Atemgeräte pl
respiratory protective device; respiratory protection equipment RPE ; respiratory protective equipment RPE ; respiratory equipment; respirator system; respirator; airpack (for firefighters or industrial workers)
respiratory protective devices; respiratory protection equipments; respiratory protective equipments; respiratory equipments; respirator systems; respirators; airpacks
Atemschutzgeräteträger m; Atemschutzgeräteträgerin f
Atemschutzgeräteträger pl; Atemschutzgeräteträgerinnen pl
Atemschutzmaske f, Atemmaske f
Atemschutzmasken pl, Atemmasken pl
respirator mask
respirator masks
Atemschutzmaske f; Atemmaske f
Atemschutzmasken pl; Atemmasken pl
respirator mask
respirator masks
Atemschutzmaske f; Atemmaske f
Atemschutzmasken pl; Atemmasken pl
Mund-Nase-Maske f; Mund-Nasenschutz m; OP-Gesichtsmaske f
Partikelfiltermaske f; partikelfilternde Halbmaske f; Feinstaubmaske f
breathing mask; respirator mask; respirator
breathing masks; respirator masks; respirators
medical mask; surgical mask; procedure mask
particle-filtering half mask; filtering facepiece mask; FFP mask; fine particle mask
Atemschutzmasken pl techn.
Atemschutzraum m
Atemschutzräume pl
respirator room
respirator rooms
Atemschutzsysteme pl
respirator systems
Atemschutztechnik f techn.
respiratory protection technology

Deutsche Atemschutzarbeiten Synonyme

Englische air mask works Synonyme

air  CAT  Caelus  action  actions  activity  acts  address  advertise  aerate  aerodynamics  aerospace  aerosphere  affectation  air  air hole  air out  air pocket  air-condition  air-cool  airify  airspace  airy nothing  analyze  aria  atmosphere  atom  atomic particles  aura  azure  bearing  behavior  behavior pattern  behavioral norm  behavioral science  blazon forth  blue sky  brandish  break it to  break the news  breathe  breeze  broach  broadcast  brow  brute matter  bubble  building block  bump  caelum  canopy  canopy of heaven  canto  cantus  canvass  carriage  cast  cast of countenance  ceiling  cerulean  chaff  chemical element  chip  climate  cobweb  color  come out with  comment upon  complexion  component  comportment  conduct  confide  confide to  consider  constituent  controvert  cooling breeze  cope  cork  countenance  cross-ventilate  crosswind  culture pattern  custom  dangle  deal with  debate  declare  deliberate  deliberate upon  demeanor  demonstrate  deportment  descant  discourse about  discover  discuss  display  divulgate  divulge  doing  doings  down  dust  earth  element  elementary particle  elementary unit  emblazon  empty space  empyrean  ether  evulgate  examine  exchange views  exhibit  face  facial appearance  fairy  fan  favor  favorable wind  feather  feature  features  feel  feeling  fire  firmament  flash  flaunt  flourish  flue  fluff  fluid  foam  fog  folkway  freshen  front  froth  fundamental particle  fuzz  gale  garb  gas  gentle wind  gestures  give  give out  give vent to  go into  goings-on  gossamer  guise  halogen gas  handle  head wind  heaven  heavens  high-pressure area  hold up  hole  hyaline  hyle  hypostasis  illusion  inert gas  investigate  ionosphere  jetstream  knock around  lay  let get around  let in on  let out  lift  lifts  light air  light breeze  light wind  line  lineaments  lines  looks  low-pressure area  maintien  make known  make public  manifest  manner  manners  material  material world  mate  
air built  aerial  airy  chimeric  chimerical  cloud-born  cloud-built  cloud-woven  dreamlike  ethereal  fanciful  fatuitous  fatuous  gaseous  gossamery  illusory  imaginary  phantasmal  phantomlike  rarefied  shadowy  spirituous  subtile  subtle  tenuous  unreal  vaporous  vapory  windy  
air condition  aerate  air  air out  air-cool  airify  chill  cool  cross-ventilate  fan  freshen  ice  ice-cool  infrigidate  oxygenate  oxygenize  refresh  refrigerate  ventilate  wind  winnow  
air conditioning  adiabatic absorption  adiabatic demagnetization  adiabatic expansion  aerage  aeration  air cooling  airing  blast freezing  chilling  congealment  congelation  cooling  cross-ventilation  cryogenics  deep freezing  dehydrofreezing  electric refrigeration  food freezing  freezing  gas refrigeration  glaciation  glacification  infrigidation  mechanical refrigeration  oxygenation  oxygenization  perflation  quick freezing  reduction of temperature  refreezing  refreshment  refrigeration  regelation  sharp freezing  super-cooling  ventilation  
air corps  adjutant general corps  air arm  air force  air service  armored corps  army corps  army nurse corps  bugle corps  chemical corps  corps  corps of cadets  corps of signals  corps troops  dental corps  drum corps  engineer corps  escadrille  flight  marine corps  medical corps  military police corps  ordnance corps  quartermaster corps  rifle corps  signal corps  squadron  strategic air force  tactical air force  tank corps  transportation corps  veterinary corps  wing  
air current  crosscurrent  current  current of air  downdraft  draft  fall wind  flow of air  following wind  head wind  indraft  inflow  inhalation  inrush  inspiration  jetstream  katabatic wind  monsoon  movement of air  stream  stream of air  tail wind  undercurrent  updraft  wind  
air express  airfreight  airlift  asportation  bearing  carriage  carry  carrying  cartage  conveyance  drayage  expressage  ferriage  freight  freightage  haulage  hauling  lighterage  lugging  packing  portage  porterage  railway express  shipment  shipping  telpherage  toting  transport  transportation  transshipment  truckage  waft  waftage  wagonage  
air force  ANAC  ARF  ATC  ATS  Air Command  Air Transport Command  Air Transport Service  Airborne Reconnaissance Force  Army-Navy Air Corps  Bomber Command  CASU  Coastal Command  FEAF  Fleet Air Arm  MATS  NAD  NATS  Naval Air Division  Navy Air  RAAF  RAF  RCAF  Royal Air Force  SAC  Strategic Air Command  US Air Force  USAAF  USAF  USNAS  ace  air arm  air armada  air corps  air service  bandit  bogey  bomber pilot  combat pilot  combat plane  enemy aircraft  escadrille  fighter pilot  flight  flyboy  military pilot  naval pilot  observer  squadron  strategic air force  suicide pilot  tactical air force  wing  
air hole  CAT  aerospace  aerosphere  air duct  air passage  air pocket  air shaft  air tube  airspace  airway  armhole  blowhole  breathing hole  bullet-hole  bump  bunghole  ceiling  cringle  crosswind  deadeye  empty space  eye  eyelet  favorable wind  fog  front  gasket  grommet  guide  head wind  high-pressure area  hole  ionosphere  jetstream  keyhole  knothole  loop  loophole  louver  louverwork  low-pressure area  manhole  mousehole  naris  nostril  overcast  peephole  pigeonhole  pinhole  placket  placket hole  pocket  porthole  punch-hole  roughness  shaft  soup  space  spilehole  spiracle  stratosphere  substratosphere  tail wind  tap  touchhole  transom  tropopause  troposphere  trough  turbulence  vent  ventage  venthole  ventiduct  ventilating shaft  ventilator  visibility  visibility zero  wind tunnel  
air lane  air line  air route  airway  beat  circuit  corridor  course  flight path  itinerary  lane  line  orbit  path  primrose path  road  round  route  run  sea lane  shortcut  tour  track  trade route  traject  trajectory  trajet  walk  
air lock  aboideau  access  adit  approach  corridor  dock gate  entrance  entranceway  entry  entryway  flood-hatch  floodgate  gangplank  gangway  gate  hall  head gate  in  ingress  inlet  intake  lock  lock gate  means of access  opening  passage  passageway  penstock  sluice  sluice gate  tide gate  vestibule  water gate  way  way in  weir  
air mass  anticyclone  cold front  cold sector  cyclone  front  high  high-pressure area  isobar  isometric  isometric line  isopiestic line  isotherm  isothermal line  low  low-pressure area  occluded front  polar front  squall line  stationary front  warm front  weather map  wind-shift line  
air pocket  CAT  aerospace  aerosphere  air hole  airspace  bump  ceiling  crosswind  empty space  favorable wind  fog  front  head wind  high-pressure area  hole  ionosphere  jetstream  low-pressure area  overcast  pocket  roughness  soup  space  stratosphere  substratosphere  tail wind  tropopause  troposphere  trough  turbulence  visibility  visibility zero  
air pollution  air  attritus  badness  bran  contamination  cosmic dust  crumb  crumble  dust  dust ball  efflorescence  fallout  farina  filings  flour  grits  groats  harmfulness  health hazard  injuriousness  insalubriousness  insalubrity  kittens  lint  meal  menace to health  noise pollution  noisomeness  noxiousness  pathenogenicity  pollution  powder  pussies  raspings  sawdust  smut  soot  unhealthfulness  unhealthiness  unsalutariness  unwholesomeness  water  
air raid  air attack  air cover  air strike  air support  blitz  blitzkrieg  boarding  bombardment  bombing  cannonade  cover  dry run  escalade  fire raid  foray  incursion  inroad  invasion  irruption  lightning attack  lightning war  milk run  mission  raid  razzia  reconnaissance  reconnaissance mission  saturation raid  scaling  scramble  shuttle raid  sortie  strafe  strafing  training mission  umbrella  
air shaft  air duct  air hole  air passage  air tube  airway  blowhole  breathing hole  louver  louverwork  naris  nostril  shaft  spilehole  spiracle  touchhole  transom  vent  ventage  venthole  ventiduct  ventilating shaft  ventilator  wind tunnel  
air space  CAT  Lebensraum  aerospace  aerosphere  air hole  air pocket  area  back country  belt  bump  ceiling  clear space  clearance  clearing  confines  continental shelf  corridor  country  crosswind  department  desert  distant prospect  district  division  elbowroom  empty space  empty view  environs  favorable wind  fog  front  glade  ground  head wind  headroom  heartland  high-pressure area  hinterland  hole  ionosphere  jetstream  land  latitude  leeway  living space  low-pressure area  margin  milieu  neighborhood  offshore rights  open country  open space  outback  overcast  part  parts  place  plain  play  pocket  prairie  precincts  premises  purlieus  quarter  region  room  room to spare  roughness  salient  sea room  section  soil  soup  space  spare room  steppe  stratosphere  substratosphere  swing  tail wind  terrain  territory  three-mile limit  tropopause  troposphere  trough  turbulence  twelve-mile limit  vicinage  vicinity  visibility  visibility zero  way  wide-open spaces  wilderness  zone  
air speed  celerity  dispatch  expedition  fastness  flight  flit  flurry  ground speed  haste  hurry  instantaneousness  knots  lightning speed  miles per hour  precipitation  promptitude  promptness  quickness  rapidity  round pace  rpm  rush  shock wave  snappiness  sonic barrier  sonic boom  sound barrier  speed  speed of sound  speediness  swift rate  swiftness  velocity  
airburst  altitude peak  automatic control  blast-off  burn  burnout  ceiling  descent  end of burning  flight  ignition  impact  launch  lift-off  rocket launching  shoot  shot  trajectory  velocity peak  
airfreight  air express  air transport  air travel  air-express  airlift  airmail  asportation  bearing  carriage  carry  carrying  cartage  consign  conveyance  dispatch  drayage  drop a letter  embark  expedite  export  express  expressage  ferriage  forward  freight  freightage  haulage  hauling  lighterage  lugging  mail  packing  portage  porterage  post  railway express  range  remit  send  send away  send forth  send off  ship  shipment  shipping  shuttle  shuttle service  telpherage  toting  transmit  transport  transportation  transshipment  truckage  waft  waftage  wagonage  

Atemschutzarbeiten Definition

(n.) An antimask.
Coal works
() A place where coal is dug, including the machinery for raising the coal.
Copper works
() A place where copper is wrought or manufactured.
Iron works
() See under Iron, a.
(n.) A cover, or partial cover, for the face, used for disguise or protection
(n.) That which disguises
(n.) A festive entertainment of dancing or other diversions, where all wear masks
(n.) A dramatic performance, formerly in vogue, in which the actors wore masks and represented mythical or allegorical characters.
(n.) A grotesque head or face, used to adorn keystones and other prominent parts, to spout water in fountains, and the like
(n.) In a permanent fortification, a redoubt which protects the caponiere.
(n.) A screen for a battery.
(n.) The lower lip of the larva of a dragon fly, modified so as to form a prehensile organ.
(v. t.) To cover, as the face, by way of concealment or defense against injury
(v. t.) To disguise
(v. t.) To conceal
(v. t.) To cover or keep in check
(v. i.) To take part as a masker in a masquerade.
(v. i.) To wear a mask
Mask shell
() Any spiral marine shell of the genus Persona, having a curiously twisted aperture.

air mask works Bedeutung

performance of moral or religious acts, salvation by deeds, the reward for good works
mask activity that tries to conceal something, no mask could conceal his ignorance, they moved in under a mask of friendship
bar mask a catcher's mask with bars
birdcage mask a catcher's mask with a strong wire face
catcher's mask a mask to protect the face of the catcher in baseball
death mask a cast taken from the face of a dead person
domino half mask
eye mask
a mask covering the upper part of the face but with holes for the eyes
dye-works a workshop where dyeing is done
face mask mask that provides a protective covering for the face in such sports as baseball or football or hockey
fencing mask
fencer's mask
a face mask made of fine mesh that is worn over a fencer's face
life mask a cast taken from the face of a living person
mask a covering to disguise or conceal the face
mask a protective covering worn over the face
oxygen mask a breathing device that is placed over the mouth and nose, supplies oxygen from an attached storage tank
plant works industrial plant buildings for carrying on industrial labor, they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles
public works structures (such as highways or schools or bridges or docks) constructed at government expense for public use
sewage system
sewer system
sewage works
facility consisting of a system of sewers for carrying off liquid and solid sewage
ski mask a woolen face mask to protect the face from cold while skiing on snow
welder's mask a mask that you wear for protection when doing welding
the internal mechanism of a device
works program a program to provide jobs on public works paid for by government funds
masquerade party
a party of guests wearing costumes and masks
works council (chiefly Brit) a council representing employer and employees of a plant or business to discuss working conditions etc, also: a committee representing the workers elected to negotiate with management about grievances and wages etc
mask of pregnancy
a tan discoloration of a woman's face that is associated with pregnancy or with the use of oral contraceptives
a whole shebang
whole kit and caboodle
kit and caboodle
whole kit and boodle
kit and boodle
whole kit
whole caboodle
whole works
full treatment
everything available, usually preceded by `the', we saw the whole shebang, a hotdog with the works, we took on the whole caboodle, for $ you get the full treatment
mask put a mask on or cover with a mask, Mask the children for Halloween
mask block out shield from light
mask cover with a sauce, mask the meat
hide under a false appearance, He masked his disappointment
make unrecognizable, The herb masks the garlic taste, We disguised our faces before robbing the bank
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