Deutsche Atiusalangane Synonyme

Englische Cook Island Swiftlet Synonyme

cook  KO  abigail  adulterate  amah  au pair girl  ayah  bake  baker  ball up  barbecue  baste  be in heat  betweenmaid  biddy  blanch  blaze  bloom  boil  bollix  bollix up  braise  brew  broil  brown  bugger  bugger up  burn  chafe  chambermaid  chaperon  chef  chef de cuisine  chief cook  choke  coddle  combust  companion  culinarian  culinary artist  curry  defeat  devil  dish  do  do for  do in  do to perfection  doctor  duenna  electric-heat  fake  femme de chambre  fille de chambre  fire  fire up  fix  flame  flame up  flare  flare up  flicker  flush  foment  foul up  fricassee  frizz  frizzle  fry  fry cook  gas-heat  gasp  gentlewoman  girl  glow  griddle  grill  gum up  handmaid  handmaiden  hash up  heat  hired girl  hot  hot up  hot-air-heat  hot-water-heat  housemaid  incandesce  juggle  kitchener  kitchenmaid  knock out  lady-help  lady-in-waiting  live-in maid  live-out maid  load  louse up  maid  maidservant  manipulate  melt  mess up  muck up  mull  nursemaid  oven-bake  overheat  pack  pan  pan-broil  pant  parboil  parch  parlormaid  pastry chef  pastrycook  plant  play hell with  play hob with  poach  preheat  prepare  prepare food  queer  radiate heat  recook  reheat  retouch  rig  roast  salt  saute  scald  scallop  scorch  screw up  scullery maid  scuttle  sear  seethe  servant girl  servitress  settle  shimmer with heat  shirr  shoot down  short-order cook  simmer  sink  smolder  smother  snafu  snarl up  sophisticate  soubrette  spark  stack  steam  stew  stifle  stir-fry  stoke up  suffocate  superheat  sweat  swelter  tamper with  tepefy  toast  torpedo  tweeny  undo  upstairs maid  waiting maid  warm  warm over  warm up  wench  
cook up  ad-lib  angle  beget  breed  brew  bring forth  bring into being  cabal  call into being  coin  collude  complot  conceive  concoct  connive  conspire  contrive  counterfeit  countermine  counterplot  dash off  design  develop  devise  discover  do offhand  dream up  engender  engineer  evolve  extemporize  fabricate  fake  fantasize  finagle  finesse  fix  forge  formulate  frame  frame up  fudge  generate  give being to  give rise to  hatch  hatch a plot  hatch up  hoke up  improvisate  improvise  intrigue  invent  jury-rig  knock off  lash up  lay a plot  machinate  make do with  make up  maneuver  manufacture  mature  mint  operate  originate  pack  pack the deal  plan  play by ear  plot  prearrange  preconcert  precontrive  predesign  premeditate  preorder  procreate  rig  scheme  scrap the plan  set up  sew up  spawn  stack the cards  strike off  strike out  think out  think up  throw off  throw together  toss off  toss out  trump up  vamp  vamp up  wangle  whip up  whomp up  wing it  
cooker  Dutch oven  alcohol stove  baker  barbecue  boiler  broiler  burner  caliduct  camp stove  chafer  chafing dish  cook stove  cookery  element  furnace  gas jet  grill  griller  heater  heating duct  infrared cooker  jet  pans  percolator  pilot light  roaster  samovar  steam pipe  stove  tewel  toaster  tuyere  warmer  
cookery  bakehouse  bakery  baking  barbecuing  basting  boiling  braising  brewing  broil  broiling  burner  caboose  caliduct  camboose  catering  cooker  cookhouse  cooking  cookroom  cuisine  culinary science  domestic science  element  frying  furnace  galley  gas jet  grilling  heater  heating duct  home economics  jet  kitchen  kitchenette  nutrition  pan-broiling  pilot light  poaching  roasting  sauteing  scullery  searing  shirring  simmering  steam pipe  steeping  stewing  stove  tewel  toasting  tuyere  warmer  
cooking  a la mode  calefaction  dielectric heating  electric heating  electronic heating  furnace heating  gas heating  heat exchange  heating  hot-air heating  increase of temperature  induction heating  insolation  oil heating  panel heating  radiant heating  recalescence  steam heating  stroganoff  superheating  tepefaction  torrefaction  warming  
cookout  TV dinner  alfresco meal  barbecue  breakfast  brunch  buffet supper  clambake  coffee break  diner  dinner  elevenses  fish fry  high tea  hot luncheon  lunch  luncheon  mash  meat breakfast  petit dejeuner  picnic  supper  tea  tea break  teatime  tiffin  wiener roast  wienie roast  

Atiusalangane Definition

(v. i.) To make the noise of the cuckoo.
(v. t.) To throw.
(n.) One whose occupation is to prepare food for the table
(n.) A fish, the European striped wrasse.
(v. t.) To prepare, as food, by boiling, roasting, baking, broiling, etc.
(v. t.) To concoct or prepare
(v. i.) To prepare food for the table.
(n.) Peninsula.
(n.) A tract of land surrounded by water, and smaller than a continent. Cf. Continent.
(n.) Anything regarded as resembling an island
(n.) See Isle, n., 2.
(v. t.) To cause to become or to resemble an island
(v. t.) To furnish with an island or with islands
(a.) Of or pertaining to certain islands along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia
(n.) Any one of numerous species of small East Indian and Asiatic swifts of the genus Collocalia. Some of the species are noted for furnishing the edible bird's nest. See Illust. under Edible.

Cook Island Swiftlet Bedeutung

Leyte Island
Leyte invasion
a battle in World War II, the return of United States troops to the Philippines began with landings on Leyte Island in October , the battle marked first use of kamikaze aircraft by the Japanese
Battle of Wake
Battle of Wake Island
in December the island was captured by the Japanese after a gallant last-ditch stand by a few hundred United States marines
Rhode Island red American breed of heavy-bodied brownished general-purpose chicken
Collocalia inexpectata
swift of eastern Asia, produces the edible bird's nest
gas pump
gasoline pump
petrol pump
island dispenser
a pump in a service station that draws gasoline from underground storage tanks
island a zone or area resembling an island
kitchen island an unattached counter in a kitchen that permits access from all sides
traffic island
safety island
safety isle
safety zone
a curbed area in a roadway from which traffic is excluded, provides safe area for pedestrians
Thousand Island dressing mayonnaise with chili sauce or catsup and minced olives and peppers and hardooked egg
Bouvet Island an island belonging to Norway in the South Atlantic near the Antarctic Circle
Sao Tiago Island largest of the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean
Guadalupe Island a Mexican island in the Pacific to the west of Baja California
Caribbean Island an island in the Caribbean Sea
Aegean island an island in the Aegean Sea
Baffin Island the th largest island and the largest island of Arctic Canada, lies between Greenland and Hudson Bay
Vancouver Island an island off southwestern Canada (off the southwestern coast of British Columbia), the largest island off the west coast of North America
Cape Breton Island an island that forms the northeastern part of Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island an island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the smallest province of Canada
Norfolk Island an island territory of Australia in the Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast of Australia, formerly a British penal colony
Wake Island
an island in the western Pacific between Guam and Hawaii
Nauru Nauru Island
Pleasant Island
a small island in the central Pacific Ocean , miles to the southwest of Hawaii, in Micronesia to the west of the Gilbert Islands
Bahrain Bahrain Island
Bahrein Bahrein Island
an island in the Persian Gulf
Channel Island any of a group of British islands in the English Channel off the northern coast of France
Jersey island of Jersey the largest of the Channel Islands
island of Guernsey
a Channel Island to the northwest of Jersey
Anglesey Island
Anglesea Island
an island to the northwest of Wales
North Island the smaller but more populous of two main islands of New Zealand, separated from South Island by Cook Strait
South Island the larger but less populous of two main islands of New Zealand, separated from North Island by Cook Strait
Singapore Singapore Island an island to the south of the Malay Peninsula
Admiralty Island an Alaskan island in the Alexander Archipelago near Juneau
Santa Catalina
Catalina Island
an island resort in the Pacific off the southwestern coast of California
Hawaii Hawaii Island the largest and southernmost of the Hawaii islands, has several volcanic peaks
Kahoolawe Island
an island of southentral Hawaii
Kauai Island
an island of Hawaii to the northwest of Oahu
Lanai Island
an island of central Hawaii, a pineapple-growing area
Maui Island
the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands
Molokai Island
an island of central Hawaii (between Maui and Oahu)
Nihau Island
the most northwestern Hawaiian island (beyond Kauai)
Oahu Island
an island of central Hawaii (between Molokai and Kauai), the chief island of the state
Rock Island a town in northwest Illinois on the Mississippi River, site of a Union prison during the American Civil War
Grand Island a town in south central Nebraska
Liberty Island
Bedloe's Island
an island in New York Bay to the southwest of Manhattan where the Statue of Liberty stands, Congress officially changed the name from Bedloe's Island to Liberty Island in
Manhattan Island an island at the north end of New York Bay where the borough of Manhattan is located
Coney Island a section of Brooklyn on the Atlantic, known as an amusement center
Ellis Island an island in New York Bay that was formerly the principal immigration station for the United States, some twelve millions immigrants passed through Ellis Island
Staten Island a borough of New York City
Long Island an island in southeastern New York, Brooklyn and Queens are on its western end
Hatteras Island a barrier island running parallel to the North Carolina shore
Rhode Island
Little Rhody
Ocean State
a state in New England, one of the original colonies, the smallest state
Rhode Island one of the British colonies that formed the United States
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