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nuclear weapon
im Subkilotonnenbereich (nachgestellt) mil.
Atomwaffe im Subkilotonnenbereich
sub-kiloton nuclear weapon
Detonationswert m einer Atomwaffe mil.
vorgesehener Gesamtdetonationswert
Atomtest mit hohem Detonationswert
explosive yield of a nuclear weapon
planned aggregate yield
high-yield nuclear test
Kernwaffe f, Atomwaffe f, Nuklearwaffe f, Atomsprengkörper m mil.
Kernwaffen pl, Atomwaffen pl, Nuklearwaffen pl, Atomsprengkörper pl
nuclear weapon
nuclear weapons
Atomwaffe f; A-Waffe f; Atomsprengkörper m; Kernwaffe f; Nuklearwaffe f mil.
Atomwaffen pl; A-Waffen pl; Atomsprengkörper pl; Kernwaffen pl; Nuklearwaffen pl
atomare nukleare Gefechtsfeldwaffen
atomic weapon; nuclear weapon; nuke coll.
atomic weapons; nuclear weapons; nukes
battlefield nuclear weapons
Atomwaffe f; A-Waffe f; Atomsprengkörper m; Kernwaffe f; Nuklearwaffe f mil.
Atomwaffen pl; A-Waffen pl; Atomsprengkörper pl; Kernwaffen pl; Nuklearwaffen pl
atomare Implosionswaffe
atomare nukleare Gefechtsfeldwaffen
einsatzbereite Atomwaffen
Miniatomsprengkörper m
saubere Atomwaffen
strategische Atomwaffen
taktische Atomwaffe; taktischer Atomsprengkörper; taktische Kernwaffe
Staaten ohne Atomwaffen
atomic weapon; nuclear weapon; nuke coll.
atomic weapons; nuclear weapons; nukes
nuclear implosion weapon
battlefield nuclear weapons
operational nuclear weapons
clean nuclear weapons
strategic nuclear weapons
tactical nuclear weapon; theatre nuclear weapon
non-nuclear weapon states

Deutsche Atomwaffe Synonyme

Atomwaffe  Kernwaffe  Nuklearwaffe  
Atomwaffe  Kernwaffe  Nuklearwaffe  
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Englische nuclear weapon Synonyme

nuclear  amidships  average  central  chromatinic  chromosomal  core  diploid  equatorial  equidistant  extranuclear  halfway  haploid  heteronuclear  homonuclear  interior  intermediary  intermediate  isonuclear  mean  medial  median  mediocre  mediterranean  medium  mesial  mezzo  mid  middle  middlemost  middling  midland  midmost  midships  midway  nucleal  nucleary  nucleate  nucleolar  nucleolate  nucleolated  polyploid  thermonuclear  
nuclear fission  alpha decay  atom-chipping  atom-smashing  atomic disintegration  atomic reaction  atomization  beta decay  bombardment  breeding  bullet  chain reaction  cleavage  disintegration series  dissociation  exchange reaction  fission  fission reaction  gamma decay  ionization  neutron reaction  nonreversible reaction  nucleization  photodisintegration  proton gun  proton reaction  reversible reaction  splitting the atom  stimulation  target  thermonuclear reaction  
nuclear physics  Newtonian physics  acoustics  aerophysics  applied physics  astrophysics  atomic science  atomics  atomistics  atomology  basic conductor physics  biophysics  chemical physics  cryogenics  crystallography  cytophysics  electron physics  electronics  electrophysics  geophysics  macrophysics  mass spectrography  mass spectrometry  mathematical physics  mechanics  medicophysics  microphysics  molecular physics  natural philosophy  natural science  nuclear chemistry  optics  philosophy  physic  physical chemistry  physical science  physicochemistry  physicomathematics  physics  psychophysics  quantum mechanics  radiation physics  radiology  radionics  solar physics  solid-state physics  statics  stereophysics  theoretical physics  thermionics  thermodynamics  wave mechanics  zoophysics  
nuclear power  AEC  Atomic Energy Commission  activation energy  atomic energy  atomic power  atomic project  atomic research  binding energy  electric power  electropower  energy level  horsepower  hydraulic power  hydroelectric power  impulse  jet power  manpower  mass energy  nuclear energy  piston power  propulsion  rocket power  solar power  steam power  thermonuclear power  thrust  water power  

Atomwaffe Definition

(a.) Of or pertaining to a nucleus
(n.) An instrument of offensive of defensive combat
(n.) Fig.: The means or instrument with which one contends against another
(n.) A thorn, prickle, or sting with which many plants are furnished.

nuclear weapon Bedeutung

somatic cell nuclear transplantation
somatic cell nuclear transfer
nuclear transplantation
moving a cell nucleus and its genetic material from one cell to another
nuclear terrorism the use of a nuclear device by a terrorist organization to cause massive devastation or the use (or threat of use) of fissionable radioactive materials, assaults on nuclear power plants is one form of nuclear terrorism
nuclear deterrence the military doctrine that an enemy will be deterred from using nuclear weapons as long as he can be destroyed as a consequence, when two nations both resort to nuclear deterrence the consequence could be mutual destruction
heavy weapon
gun ordnance
large but transportable armament
atomic warhead
nuclear warhead
thermonuclear warhead
the warhead of a missile designed to deliver an atom bomb
automatic firearm
automatic gun
automatic weapon
a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released
biological weapon
any weapon usable in biological warfare, they feared use of the smallpox virus as a bioweapon
chemical weapon chemical substances that can be delivered using munitions and dispersal devices to cause death or severe harm to people and animals and plants
nuclear submarine
nuclear-powered submarine
a submarine that is propelled by nuclear power
nuclear-powered ship ship whose motive power comes from the energy of a nuclear reactor
nuclear reactor
(physics) any of several kinds of apparatus that maintain and control a nuclear reaction for the production of energy or artificial elements
nuclear rocket a rocket engine in which a nuclear reactor is used to heat a propellant
nuclear weapon
atomic weapon
a weapon of mass destruction whose explosive power derives from a nuclear reaction
arm weapon system
any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting, he was licensed to carry a weapon
weapon of mass destruction
a weapon that kills or injures civilian as well as military personnel (nuclear and chemical and biological weapons)
nuclear medicine the branch of medicine that uses radioactive materials either to image a patient's body or to destroy diseased cells
nuclear chemistry
the chemistry of radioactive substances
nuclear physics
atomic physics
the branch of physics that studies the internal structure of atomic nuclei
nuclear engineering the branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors
a means of persuading or arguing, he used all his conversational weapons
nuclear explosion
atomic explosion
the explosion of an atomic bomb
nuclear club the nations possessing nuclear weapons
nuclear family
conjugal family
a family consisting of parents and their children and grandparents of a marital partner
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
an independent federal agency created in to license and regulate nuclear power plants
nuclear chemist
a chemist who specializes in nuclear chemistry
nuclear physicist a physicist who specializes in nuclear physics
atomic energy
nuclear energy
the energy released by a nuclear reaction
atomic power
nuclear power
nuclear energy regarded as a source of electricity for the power grid (for civilian use)
nuclear winter a long period of darkness and extreme cold that scientists predict would follow a full-scale nuclear war, a layer of dust and smoke in the atmosphere would cover the earth and block the rays of the sun, most living organisms would perish
nuclear resonance the resonance absorption of a gamma ray by a nucleus identical to the nucleus that emitted the gamma ray
nuclear magnetic resonance
proton magnetic resonance
resonance of protons to radiation in a magnetic field
nuclear propulsion the use of a nuclear reactor either to produce electricity to power an engine (as in a nuclear submarine) or to directly heat a propellant (as in nuclear rockets)
nuclear fission
a nuclear reaction in which a massive nucleus splits into smaller nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy
nuclear fusion
nuclear fusion reaction
a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy
nuclear meltdown
severe overheating of the core of a nuclear reactor resulting in the core melting and radiation escaping
nuclear reaction (physics) a process that alters the energy or structure or composition of atomic nuclei
nuclear cataract a cataract that affects the nucleus of the lens
weapons plutonium
weapon-grade plutonium
plutonium that is recovered when nuclear weapons are disassembled, it is stored in plutonium pits
nuclear fuel fuel (such as uranium) that can be used in nuclear reactors as a source of electricity
nuclear RNA
ribonucleic acid found in the nucleolus of the cell
nuclear constituting or like a nucleus, annexation of the suburban fringe by the nuclear metropolis, the nuclear core of the congregation
(weapons) deriving destructive energy from the release of atomic energy, nuclear war, nuclear weapons, atomic bombs
nuclear of or relating to or constituting the nucleus of an atom, nuclear physics, nuclear fission, nuclear forces
nuclear of or relating to or constituting the nucleus of a cell, nuclear membrane, nuclear division
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