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Englische osteomalacia; bone softening Synonyme

Osteomalazie Definition

(n.) The hard, calcified tissue of the skeleton of vertebrate animals, consisting very largely of calcic carbonate, calcic phosphate, and gelatine
(n.) One of the pieces or parts of an animal skeleton
(n.) Anything made of bone, as a bobbin for weaving bone lace.
(n.) Two or four pieces of bone held between the fingers and struck together to make a kind of music.
(n.) Dice.
(n.) Whalebone
(n.) Fig.: The framework of anything.
(v. t.) To withdraw bones from the flesh of, as in cookery.
(v. t.) To put whalebone into
(v. t.) To fertilize with bone.
(v. t.) To steal
(v. t.) To sight along an object or set of objects, to see if it or they be level or in line, as in carpentry, masonry, and surveying.
Cannon bone
() See Canon Bone.
Canon bone
() The shank bone, or great bone above the fetlock, in the fore and hind legs of the horse and allied animals, corresponding to the middle metacarpal or metatarsal bone of most mammals. See Horse.
Collar bone
() The clavicle.
Cuttle bone
() The shell or bone of cuttlefishes, used for various purposes, as for making polishing powder, etc.
(n.) A disease of the bones, in which they lose their earthy material, and become soft, flexible, and distorted. Also called malacia.
Rewel bone
() An obsolete phrase of disputed meaning, -- perhaps, smooth or polished bone.
Rowel bone
() See rewel bone.
Ruell bone
() See rewel bone.
(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Soften
() a. & n. from Soften, v.

osteomalacia; bone softening Bedeutung

bone-headed dinosaur bipedal herbivorous dinosaurs with bony crowns
wishing bone
the furcula of a domestic fowl
splint bone a rudimentary metacarpal or metatarsal bone on either side of the cannon bone in the leg of a horse or related animal
fetter bone
the part between the fetlock and the hoof
cannon bone greatly developed metatarsal or metacarpal bone in the shank or cannon part of the leg in hoofed mammals
bone-ash cup
refractory pot
a small porous bowl made of bone ash used in assaying to separate precious metals from e.g. lead
bone china fine porcelain that contains bone ash
bone age a person's age measured by matching their bone development (as shown by X rays) with bone development of an average person of known chronological age
a shade of white the color of bleached bones
rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates
bare bone bone stripped of flesh
cuboid bone the cube shaped bone on the outer side of the tarsus
carpal bone
wrist bone
any of the eight small bones of the wrist of primates
scaphoid bone
os scaphoideum
the largest wrist bone on the thumb side
lunate bone
semilunar bone
os lunatum
one of the eight small wrist bones
triquetral bone
os triquetrum
cuneiform bone
pyramidal bone
a wrist bone that articulates with the pisiform and hamate and lunate bones
pisiform bone
os pisiforme
a small wrist bone that articulates only with the triquetral
trapezium bone
os trapezium
the wrist bone on the thumb side of the hand that articulates with the st and nd metacarpals
trapezoid bone
os trapezoideum
the wrist bone between the trapezium and the capitate bones
capitate bone
os capitatum
the wrist bone with a rounded head shape that articulates with the rd metacarpus
hamate bone
unciform bone
os hamatum
the wrist bone in line with the th and th fingers
cartilage bone any bone that develops within cartilage rather than a fibrous tissue
zygomatic bone
malar bone
jugal bone
os zygomaticum
the arch of bone beneath the eye that forms the prominence of the cheek
tail bone
the end of the vertebral column in humans and tailless apes
ethmoid bone
one of the eight bones of the cranium, a small bone filled with air spaces that forms part of the eye sockets and the nasal cavity
innominate bone
large flaring bone forming one half of the pelvis, made up of the ilium and ischium and pubis
hyoid bone
os hyoideum
a U-shaped bone at the base of the tongue that supports the tongue muscles
ischial bone
os ischii
one of the three sections of the hipbone, situated below the ilium
long bone
os longum
in limbs of vertebrate animals: a long cylindrical bone that contains marrow
lower jaw
mandibular bone
lower jawbone
the jaw in vertebrates that is hinged to open the mouth
membrane bone any bone that develops within membranous tissue without previous cartilage formation, e.g. the clavicle and bones of the skull
metacarpal bone
any bone of the hand between the wrist and fingers
nasal bone
os nasale
an elongated rectangular bone that forms the bridge of the nose
palatine bone
os palatinum
either of two irregularly shaped bones that form the back of the hard palate and helps to form the nasal cavity and the floor of the orbits
pubic bone
os pubis
one of the three sections of the hipbone, together these two bones form the front of the pelvis
round bone bones that are round in shape
shoulder blade
shoulder bone
either of two flat triangular bones one on each side of the shoulder in human beings
sesamoid bone
os sesamoideum
any of several small round bones formed in a tendon where it passes over a joint
short bone
os breve
a bone that is of approximately equal dimension in all directions
sphenoid bone
os sphenoidale
butterfly-shaped bone at the base of the skull
tarsal bone
any bone of the tarsus
temporal bone
os temporale
a thick bone forming the side of the human cranium and encasing the inner ear
turbinate bone
any of the scrolled spongy bones of the nasal passages in man and other vertebrates
tympanic bone the bone enclosing the middle ear
bone marrow
the fatty network of connective tissue that fills the cavities of bones
red marrow
red bone marrow
bone marrow of children and some adult bones that is required for the formation of red blood cells
yellow marrow
yellow bone marrow
bone marrow that is yellow with fat, found at the ends of long bones in adults
lacrimal bone small fragile bone making up part of the front inner walls of each eye socket and providing room for the passage of the lacrimal ducts
bone cell a cell that is part of a bone
bone-forming cell
a cell from which bone develops
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Die Osteomalazie ist eine schmerzhafte Knochenerweichung bei Erwachsenen, meist durch einen Vitamin-D- oder Calcium-Mangel ausgelöst. Das der Osteomalazie entsprechende Krankheitsbild im Kindesalter ist die Rachitis. Durch eine unzureichende Mineralisierung der Knochen-Grundsubstanz kommt es zu dumpfen Schmerzen, teilweise zu schleichenden pathologischen Frakturen.

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