Deutsche Ostkammschwalbe Synonyme

Englische Eastern Saw-wing Synonyme

Ostkammschwalbe Definition

(a.) Alt. of Batwing
(a.) Situated or dwelling in the east
(a.) Going toward the east, or in the direction of east
Sea wing
() A wing shell (Avicula).
(n.) A curious paradise bird (Semioptera Wallacii) which has two long special feathers standing erect on each wing.
Water wing
() One of two walls built on either side of the junction of a bridge with the bank of a river, to protect the abutment of the bridge and the bank from the action of the current.
(n.) One of the two anterior limbs of a bird, pterodactyl, or bat. They correspond to the arms of man, and are usually modified for flight, but in the case of a few species of birds, as the ostrich, auk, etc., the wings are used only as an assistance in running or swimming.
(n.) Any similar member or instrument used for the purpose of flying.
(n.) One of the two pairs of upper thoracic appendages of most hexapod insects. They are broad, fanlike organs formed of a double membrane and strengthened by chitinous veins or nervures.
(n.) One of the large pectoral fins of the flying fishes.
(n.) Passage by flying
(n.) Motive or instrument of flight
(n.) Anything which agitates the air as a wing does, or which is put in winglike motion by the action of the air, as a fan or vane for winnowing grain, the vane or sail of a windmill, etc.
(n.) An ornament worn on the shoulder
(n.) Any appendage resembling the wing of a bird or insect in shape or appearance.
(n.) One of the broad, thin, anterior lobes of the foot of a pteropod, used as an organ in swimming.
(n.) Any membranaceous expansion, as that along the sides of certain stems, or of a fruit of the kind called samara.
(n.) Either of the two side petals of a papilionaceous flower.
(n.) One of two corresponding appendages attached
(n.) A side building, less than the main edifice
(n.) The longer side of crownworks, etc., connecting them with the main work.
(n.) A side shoot of a tree or plant
(n.) The right or left division of an army, regiment, etc.
(n.) That part of the hold or orlop of a vessel which is nearest the sides. In a fleet, one of the extremities when the ships are drawn up in line, or when forming the two sides of a triangle.
(n.) One of the sides of the stags in a theater.
(v. t.) To furnish with wings
(v. t.) To supply with wings or sidepieces.
(v. t.) To transport by flight
(v. t.) To move through in flight
(v. t.) To cut off the wings of
(a.) Having wings attached to the feet
(a.) Having part or all of the feet adapted for flying.
(a.) Having the anterior lobes of the foot so modified as to form a pair of winglike swimming organs
(a.) Having the anterior limbs or hands adapted for flight, as the bats and pterodactyls.
(a.) Having pinnate or pinnately divided leaves.
(n.) Any one of various species of marine bivalve shells belonging to the genus Avicula, in which the hinge border projects like a wing.
(n.) Any marine gastropod shell of the genus Strombus. See Strombus.
(n.) Any pteropod shell.

Eastern Saw-wing Bedeutung

wing shooting shooting game birds that are flying (on the wing)
buck-and-wing a solo tap dance emphasizing sharp taps
eastern kingbird a kingbird that breeds in North America and winters in tropical America, distinguished by a white band on the tip of the tail
eastern meadowlark
Sturnella magna
a meadowlark of eastern North America
eastern red-backed salamander
Plethodon cinereus
common salamander of eastern North America
eastern cricket frog
Acris gryllus
a cricket frog of eastern United States
eastern narrow-mouthed toad
Gastrophryne carolinensis
small toad of southeastern United States
eastern fence lizard
pine lizard
Sceloporus undulatus
small active lizard of United States and north to British Columbia
eastern ground snake
Potamophis striatula
Haldea striatula
in some classifications placed in genus Haldea, small reddish-grey snake of eastern North America
eastern indigo snake
Drymarchon corais couperi
a variety of indigo snake
eastern coral snake
Micrurus fulvius
ranges from Central America to southeastern United States
eastern dasyure
Dasyurus quoll
a variety of dasyure
bastard wing
spurious wing
tuft of small stiff feathers on the first digit of a bird's wing
eastern pipistrel
Pipistrellus subflavus
one of the smallest bats of eastern North America
wing a movable organ for flying (one of a pair)
fore wing
either of the anterior pair of wings on an insect that has four wings
wing case
either of the horny front wings in beetles and some other insects which cover and protect the functional hind wings
eastern cottontail
Sylvilagus floridanus
widely distributed in United States except northwest and far west regions
eastern woodrat
Neotoma floridana
large greyish-brown wood rat of the southeastern United States
eastern grey squirrel
eastern gray squirrel
cat squirrel Sciurus carolinensis
common medium-large squirrel of eastern North America, now introduced into England
fox squirrel
eastern fox squirrel
Sciurus niger
exceptionally large arboreal squirrel of eastern United States
eastern chipmunk
striped squirrel
ground squirrel Tamias striatus
small striped semiterrestrial eastern American squirrel with cheek pouches
eastern lowland gorilla
Gorilla gorilla grauri
a kind of gorilla
eastern chimpanzee
Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii
long-haired chimpanzees of eastentral Africa, closely related to the central chimpanzees
monoplane flying fish
two-wing flying fish
having only pectoral fins enlarged
biplane flying fish
four-wing flying fish
having both pectoral and pelvic fins enlarged
an addition that extends a main building
coulisse wing flat a flat situated in the wings
delta wing an airplane with wings that give it the appearance of an isosceles triangle
fender wing a barrier that surrounds the wheels of a vehicle to block splashing water or mud, in Britain they call a fender a wing
rotor blade
rotary wing
the long airfoil that rotates to provide the lift that supports a helicopter in the air
wing one of the horizontal airfoils on either side of the fuselage of an airplane
wing offstage
a stage area out of sight of the audience
wing chair easy chair having wings on each side of a high back
wing nut
wing screw
butterfly nut
a threaded nut with winglike projections for thumb and forefinger leverage in turning
wing tip a decorative toecap having a point extending toward the throat of the shoe
wing tip a shoe having a wing-tip toecap
Eastern Catholicism the beliefs and practices of any of the eastern Catholic Churches based in Constantinople or Antioch or Alexandria or Moscow or Jerusalem
Eastern Turki
a Turkic literary language of medieval central Asia (named for one of the sons of Genghis Khan)
Eastern Malayo-Polynesian
an eastern subfamily of Malayo-Polynesian languages
wing the wing of a fowl, he preferred the drumsticks to the wings
turkey wing the wing of a turkey
chicken wing the wing of a chicken
buffalo wing crisp spicy chicken wings
barbecued wing chicken wings cooked in barbecue sauce
Islamic Great Eastern Raiders-Front
a Turkish terrorist organization that claimed responsibility for bombing a British consulate and bank in Istanbul, a violent opponent of Turkey's secular government and its ties to the European Union and NATO
Eastern Church
Byzantine Church
the Catholic Church as it existed in the Byzantine Empire
Orthodox Church
Orthodox Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Eastern Church Eastern Orthodox
derived from the Byzantine Church and adhering to Byzantine rites
wing a unit of military aircraft
left wing
those who support varying degrees of social or political or economic change designed to promote the public welfare
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