Deutsche Ozonjahresgänge Synonyme

Englische course of ozone concentrations over the year Synonyme

course  Brownian movement  Indian file  MO  Zeitgeist  academic specialty  act  adit  advance  advancement  advancing  affluence  afflux  affluxion  agora  aim  air lane  algorithm  ambit  amphitheater  angular motion  antepast  approach  aqueduct  archery ground  area  arena  array  arsis  articulation  ascending  ascent  assuredly  athletic field  attack  auditorium  axial motion  azimuth  backflowing  background  backing  backward motion  badminton court  band  bank  baseball field  basketball court  bear garden  bearing  beat  bed  bedding  belt  bent  billiard parlor  boil  bout  bowl  bowling alley  bowling green  boxing ring  broil  bull ring  buzz  by all means  campaign  campus  canal  canvas  career  casserole  catena  catenation  certainly  chain  chain reaction  chaining  channel  chase  circle  circuit  circus  class  classical education  climbing  cockpit  coliseum  colosseum  commutation  commute  compass direction  concatenation  concourse  condensation trail  conduct  conduit  confluence  conflux  connection  consecution  continuum  contrail  core curriculum  couche  course of action  course of study  court  cover  cover ground  creed  cricket ground  croquet ground  croquet lawn  crosscurrent  crossing  cruise  culinary masterpiece  culinary preparation  current  curriculum  cycle  dart  dash  deck  definitely  defluxion  descending  descent  design  dessert  diamond  diastole  direction  direction line  discipline  dish  dispatch  ditch  do  dog  downbeat  downflow  downpour  downward motion  drift  driftage  drive  drone  duct  ebb  ebbing  egress  elective  endless belt  endless round  entrance  entree  entremets  excursion  execution  exit  expedition  fairway  falcon  fare  fare forth  fashion  fetch  field  file  filiation  flight  flight path  flit  flood  floor  flow  flow back  flow in  flow out  flowing  fluency  flush  flux  follow the hounds  football field  form  forum  forward motion  forwardal  forwarding  fowl  fry  furtherance  fur  
course of action  action  ad hoc measure  answer  artifice  contrivance  countermove  coup  demarche  device  dodge  effort  expedient  gimmick  improvisation  jury-rig  jury-rigged expedient  last expedient  last resort  last shift  makeshift  maneuver  means  measure  move  pis aller  resort  resource  shake-up  shift  solution  step  stopgap  stratagem  stroke  stroke of policy  tactic  temporary expedient  trick  trump  working hypothesis  working proposition  
courser  Houyhnhnm  Nimrod  antelope  arrow  beater  big game hunter  blue darter  blue streak  brood mare  cannonball  charger  colt  critter  dart  dobbin  eagle  electricity  entire  entire horse  equine  express train  filly  flash  foal  gazelle  gelding  greased lightning  greyhound  hare  horse  hunter  huntress  huntsman  jacker  jacklighter  jet plane  light  lightning  mare  mercury  mount  nag  prancer  quicksilver  rocket  scared rabbit  shikari  shot  sportsman  sportswoman  stalker  stallion  steed  streak  streak of lightning  striped snake  stud  studhorse  swallow  tarpan  thought  thunderbolt  top horse  torrent  trapper  trooper  war-horse  white hunter  wild horse  wind  

Ozonjahresgänge Definition

(n.) The venereal disease
Leap year
() Bissextile
(a.) Of or pertaining to, or suitable for, the commencement of the year
New Year's Day
() the first day of a calendar year
(n.) A colorless gaseous substance (O/) obtained (as by the silent discharge of electricity in oxygen) as an allotropic form of oxygen, containing three atoms in the molecule. It is a streng oxidizer, and probably exists in the air, though by he ordinary tests it is liable to be confused with certain other substances, as hydrogen dioxide, or certain oxides of nitrogen. It derives its name from its peculiar odor, which resembles that of weak chlorine.
(n.) The time of the apparent revolution of the sun trough the ecliptic
(n.) The time in which any planet completes a revolution about the sun
(n.) Age, or old age

course of ozone concentrations over the year Bedeutung

seventeen-year locust
periodical cicada
Magicicada septendecim
North American cicada, appears in great numbers at infrequent intervals because the nymphs take to years to mature
two-year-old horse
two year old
a racehorse that is two years old
three-year-old horse
three year old
a racehorse that is three years old
class year a body of students who graduate together, the class of ', she was in my year at Hoehandle High
ozone hole an area of the ozone layer (near the poles) that is seasonally depleted of ozone
ozone layer
a layer in the stratosphere (at approximatelymiles) that contains a concentration of ozone sufficient to block most ultraviolet radiation from the sun
light year
the distance that light travels in a vacuum in year, . trillion miles or . trillion kilometers
ozone sickness illness that can occur to persons exposed to ozone in high-altitude aircraft, characterized by sleepiness and headache and chest pains and itchiness
ozone a colorless gas (O) soluble in alkalis and cold water, a strong oxidizing agent, can be produced by electric discharge in oxygen or by the action of ultraviolet radiation on oxygen in the stratosphere (where it acts as a screen for ultraviolet radiation)
sabbatical year a sabbatical leave lasting one year
church year
Christian year
the year in the ecclesiastical calendar, especially feast days and special seasons
Holy Year (Roman Catholic Church) a period of remission from sin (usually granted every years)
New Year's Eve
the last day of the year
New Year's Day
New Year's
the first day of the year
New Year the calendar year just begun
Rosh Hashanah
Rosh Hashana
Rosh Hashonah
Rosh Hashona
Jewish New Year
(Judaism) a solemn Jewish feast day celebrated on the st or st and nd of Tishri, noted for the blowing of the shofar
year the period of time that it takes for a planet (as, e.g., Earth or Mars) to make a complete revolution around the sun, a Martian year takes of our days
anomalistic year time of the earth's revolution from perihelion to perihelion again, days and hr and min and . sec
year-end the end of a calendar year, he had to unload the merchandise before the year-end
common year
a year that is not a leap year
leap year
intercalary year
bissextile year
in the Gregorian calendar: any year divisible by except centenary years divisible by
off year a year in which no major political elections are held
off year a year in which productivity is low or inferior
calendar year
civil year
the year (reckoned from January to December ) according to Gregorian calendar
solar year
tropical year
astronomical year
equinoctial year
the time for the earth to make one revolution around the sun, measured between two vernal equinoxes
lunar year a period of lunar months
fiscal year
financial year
any accounting period of months
school year
academic year
the period of time each year when the school is open and people are studying
year twelvemonth
a period of time containing (or ) days, she is years old, in the year
year a period of time occupying a regular part of a calendar year that is used for some particular activity, a school year
sidereal year the time for the earth to make one complete revolution around the sun, relative to the fixed stars
great year
Platonic year
time required for one complete cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, about , years
time of year
one of the natural periods into which the year is divided by the equinoxes and solstices or atmospheric conditions, the regular sequence of the seasons
year dot as long ago as anyone can remember, he has been a conductor since the year dot
year of grace any year of the Christian era
completing its life cycle within a year, a border of annual flowering plants
having a life cycle lasting two seasons, a biennial life cycle, parsnips and carrots are biennial plants often grown as annuals
year-end taking place at the close of a fiscal year, year-end audit
used of a person in the first year of an experience (especially in United States high school or college), a freshman senator, freshman year in high school or college
used of the fourth and final year in United States high school or college, the senior prom
used of the third or next to final year in United States high school or college, the junior class, a third-year student
used of the second year in United States high school or college, the sophomore class, his sophomore year
operating or continuing throughout the year, a year-round resort, a year-round job
one-year-old one year of age
two-year-old two years of age
three-year-old three years of age
four-year-old four years of age
five-year-old five years of age
every year
each year
without missing a year, they travel to China annually
per annum
per year
each year annually
by the year, every year (usually with reference to a sum of money paid or received), he earned $,per annum, we issue six volumes per annum
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