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Ozonkerze Definition

(n.) A slender, cylindrical body of tallow, containing a wick composed of loosely twisted linen of cotton threads, and used to furnish light.
(n.) That which gives light
Candle coal
() See Cannel coal.
(n.) A colorless gaseous substance (O/) obtained (as by the silent discharge of electricity in oxygen) as an allotropic form of oxygen, containing three atoms in the molecule. It is a streng oxidizer, and probably exists in the air, though by he ordinary tests it is liable to be confused with certain other substances, as hydrogen dioxide, or certain oxides of nitrogen. It derives its name from its peculiar odor, which resembles that of weak chlorine.

ozone candle / ozone candles Bedeutung

wax light
stick of wax with a wick in the middle
candle holder
a holder with sockets for candles
Roman candle a cylindrical firework that projects a series of colored balls of fire
rush candle
a tallow candle with a rush stem as the wick
vigil light
vigil candle
a candle lighted by a worshiper in a church
ozone hole an area of the ozone layer (near the poles) that is seasonally depleted of ozone
ozone layer
a layer in the stratosphere (at approximatelymiles) that contains a concentration of ozone sufficient to block most ultraviolet radiation from the sun
candle flame
the light provided by a burning candle
bog rein orchid
bog candles
Habenaria dilatata
orchid with spikes of many fragrant white flowers on erect leafy stems, of wet or boggy ground through most of the West and northern North America
swamp candles
Lysimachia terrestris
North American plant with spikes of yellow flowers, found in wet places
Our Lord's candle
Yucca whipplei
yucca of southwestern United States and Mexico with a tall spike of creamy white flowers
standard candle
the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites, equal to
of the luminous intensity per square centimeter of a black body radiating at the temperature of , degrees Kelvin
international candle a former international unit of luminous intensity, now replaced by the candela
ozone sickness illness that can occur to persons exposed to ozone in high-altitude aircraft, characterized by sleepiness and headache and chest pains and itchiness
ozone a colorless gas (O) soluble in alkalis and cold water, a strong oxidizing agent, can be produced by electric discharge in oxygen or by the action of ultraviolet radiation on oxygen in the stratosphere (where it acts as a screen for ultraviolet radiation)
candle examine eggs for freshness by holding them against a light
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