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Whiskey Definition

(n.) A member of a family which has occupied several European thrones, and whose descendants still claim the throne of France.
(n.) A politician who is behind the age
Bourbon whisky
() See under Whisky.
(n.) A kind of carriage. See Whiskey.
(n.) Same as Whisky, a liquor.
(n.) Alt. of Whisky
(n.) An intoxicating liquor distilled from grain, potatoes, etc., especially in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. In the United States, whisky is generally distilled from maize, rye, or wheat, but in Scotland and Ireland it is often made from malted barley.

Bourbon; Bourbon whiskey Bedeutung

whiskey bottle a bottle for holding whiskey
whiskey jug a jug that contains whiskey
a liquor made from fermented mash of grain
blended whiskey
blended whisky
mixture of two or more whiskeys or of a whiskey and neutral spirits
bourbon whiskey distilled from a mash of corn and malt and rye and aged in charred oak barrels
corn whiskey
corn whisky
whiskey distilled from a mash of not less thanpercent corn
Irish whiskey
Irish whisky
whiskey made in Ireland chiefly from barley
rye whiskey
rye whisky
whiskey distilled from rye or rye and malt
Scotch whiskey
Scotch whisky
malt whiskey
malt whisky
Scotch malt whiskey
Scotch malt whisky
whiskey distilled in Scotland, especially whiskey made from malted barley in a pot still
sour mash
sour mash whiskey
any whiskey distilled from sour mash
whiskey sour
whisky sour
a sour made with whiskey
whiskey neat
whisky neat
a drink consisting of whiskey without a mixer, he ordered a whiskey neat
whiskey on the rocks
whisky on the rocks
whiskey with ice
Bourbon dynasty
a European royal line that ruled in France (from -) and Spain and Naples and Sicily
Bourbon a member of the European royal family that ruled France
Bourbon a reactionary politician in the United States (usually from the South)
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