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afrobrasilianisch Definition

(a.) Of or pertaining to Brazil.
(n.) A native or an inhabitant of Brazil.

Afro-Brazilian Bedeutung

Brazilian trumpeter
Psophia crepitans
trumpeter of Brazil and Guiana, often kept to protect poultry in Brazil
Afro-wig a wig that gives the appearance of an Afro hairdo
Afro hairdo
a rounded thickly curled hairdo
Afroasiatic language
Afrasian language
a large family of related languages spoken both in Asia and Africa
Brazilian capital
capital of Brazil
the capital of Brazil, a city built on the central plateau and inaugurated in
African American
Black American
an American whose ancestors were born in Africa
Brazilian a native or inhabitant of Brazil
Brazilian guava
Psidium guineense
South American tree having fruit similar to the true guava
brazilian ironwood
Caesalpinia ferrea
thornless tree yielding heavy wood
Brazilian rosewood
caviuna wood
Dalbergia nigra
an important Brazilian timber tree yielding a heavy hard darkolored wood streaked with black
Brazilian pepper tree
Schinus terebinthifolius
small Brazilian evergreen resinous tree or shrub having dark green leaflets and white flowers followed by bright red fruit, used as a street tree and lawn specimen
potato tree Brazilian potato tree
Solanum wrightii
Solanum macranthum
South American shrub or small tree widely cultivated in the tropics, not a true potato
Brazilian monetary unit monetary unit in Brazil
pertaining to or characteristic of Americans of African ancestry, Afro-American culture, many black people preferred to be called African-American or Afro-American
Afro-Asian of or relating to the nations of Africa and Asia or their peoples, Afro-Asian population
Brazilian of or relating to or characteristic of Brazil or the people of Brazil
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