hartverchromt {adj} Deutsch Englisch Übersetzung

hartverchromt adj
hard chrome-plated
hartverchromt adj
hard chrome-plated
hartverchromt adj
hard chrome-plated
Lauf m (einer Schusswaffe) mil.
Achtkantlauf m
Damastlauf m
Doppellauf m
Drehlauf m
Einschublauf m
Einstecklauf m; Futterlauf m
Kipplauf m
Kleinkaliberlauf m; KK-Lauf m
Pistolenlauf m
Prüflauf m
Revolverlauf m
Schnellwechsellauf m
Wechsellauf m; Einlegelauf m
beweglicher Lauf
extra schwerer Lauf
fester Lauf
frei schwingender Lauf
gezogener Lauf; Büchslauf; Kugellauf
gezogener Lauf nach dem Knopfdruckverfahren
glatt gebohrter Lauf; Flintenlauf; Schrotlauf; Schrotrohr
kompletter Lauf; Lauf komplett
konischer Lauf
nebeneinanderliegende Läufe
schwerer Lauf zum Scheibenschießen
seitlich schwenkbarer Lauf
starrer Lauf
übereinanderliegende Läufe
Lauf für auswechselbare Choke-Aufsätze
Lauf mit Hartverchromung innen
Lauf mit integrierter Ventilationsschiene
Lauf mit länglichen Nuten
Lauf mit Mündungsverstärkung
Lauf mit Paradoxbohrung
Ausbrennen des Laufs
Laufsprengung f; Gewehrsprengung f
Kühlung des Laufs; Laufkühlung
(hintere) Stirnfläche des Laufs; Laufstirnfläche
vorderes Laufende n; Vorderlauf m
barrel (of a gun)
octagon barrel
Damascus barrel
double barrel; dual barrel
rotating barrel
sleeved barrel
insert barrel; internal barrel; liner barrel; subcalibre barrel Br.; subcalibre barrel Am.; subcalibre tube Br.; subcaliber tube Am.
drop-down barrel; drop barrel; swing-down barrel; tip-down barrel; tip-up barrel
small-bore barrel
pistol barrel
test barrel
revolver barrel
quick-change barrel
interchangeable barrel; conversion barrel
mobile barrel
bull barrel
stationary barrel
floating barrel
rifled barrel
button-rifled barrel
smooth-bore barrel; shot barrel
barrel assembly
tapered barrel
side-by-side barrels
target weight barrel
side-swing barrel
fixed barrel
over-and-under barrels; superposed barrels
quick choke barrel
hard chrome-lined barrel
integral ventilated barrel
fluted barrel
barrel with crowned muzzle
paradox-rifled barrel
erosion of the barrel
burst of barrel
cooling of the barrel
face of the barrel
front end of the barrel; muzzle end of the barrel

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Englische hard chrome-plated Synonyme

hard  Herculean  Philistine  about  absolute  abstruse  accented  acerb  acerbic  acrid  acrimonious  actively  acute  adamant  adamantine  addictive  adverse  afflictive  agonizing  agonizingly  alcoholic  all but  almost  along toward  alveolar  amaroidal  anesthetic  angry  antagonistic  apical  apico-alveolar  apico-dental  approximately  ardent  ardently  arduous  arduously  around  articulated  assiduous  assiduously  assimilated  astringent  at close quarters  at hand  atrocious  austere  avid  back  backbreaking  bad  badly  baffling  bankrupt  bare  barytone  bec et ongles  beefy  beyond one  bilabial  biting  bitter  bitter as gall  bleak  bloodless  blunt  bony  bothersome  bouncing  bowelless  brazen  broad  broke  brutal  brutish  bulky  burdensome  businesslike  busted  cacuminal  calamitous  calculating  callous  calloused  carefully  cartilaginous  case-hardened  cast-iron  caustic  cement  cemental  central  cerebral  checked  chewy  clear  close  close about  close at hand  close by  close-knit  close-textured  close-woven  coarse  cohesive  cold  cold of heart  coldblooded  coldhearted  compact  compacted  complex  complicated  compressed  concentrated  concrete  condensed  conditioning  conflicting  congested  conscienceless  conscientious  conscientiously  consolidated  consonant  consonantal  continuant  contrary  cool  coriaceous  corneous  counter  counteractive  crabbed  crammed  crammed full  cramp  cramping  critical  crowded  cruel  dark  deep  deeply  definite  delicate  demanding  dense  dental  despotic  determinedly  detrimental  devastating  devoted  devotedly  dictatorial  difficile  difficult  diligent  diligently  disastrous  dispassionate  dissimilated  distinct  distressing  distressingly  dog-eat-dog  dogged  doggedly  dorsal  doughty  dour  down-to-earth  dull  durable  dure  dynamically  eager  eagerly  earnestly  effortful  effortfully  enduring  energetic  energetically  enigmatic  exacting  excruciating  exhausting  factua  
hard and fast  absolute  aground  authoritative  binding  canonical  compulsory  conclusive  decisive  decretory  dictated  didactic  entailed  final  formulary  hard-and-fast  imperative  imposed  instructive  irrevocable  mandated  mandatory  must  obligatory  official  on the rocks  peremptory  preceptive  prescribed  prescript  prescriptive  regulation  required  rubric  standard  statutory  ultimate  without appeal  
hard core  adamant  adamantine  ardent  cast-iron  dour  fanatic  fiery  firm  flaming  flinty  grim  hard  heated  hot  hotheaded  immovable  immutable  implacable  impliable  inelastic  inexorable  inflamed  inflexible  intransigent  iron  irreconcilable  madcap  passionate  red-hot  relentless  rigid  rigorous  rock-ribbed  scorching  steely  stern  stiff  totally committed  unaffected  unalterable  unbending  unchangeable  uncompromising  ungiving  unmoved  unrelenting  unyielding  white-hot  zealous  
hard earned  Herculean  abstruse  arduous  backbreaking  brutal  burdensome  complex  critical  crushing  delicate  demanding  difficile  difficult  effortful  exacting  forced  formidable  grueling  hairy  hard  hard-fought  heavy  hefty  intricate  jawbreaking  killing  knotted  knotty  labored  laborious  mean  no picnic  not easy  onerous  operose  oppressive  painful  punishing  rigorous  rough  rugged  set with thorns  severe  spiny  steep  strained  strenuous  thorny  ticklish  toilsome  tough  tricky  troublesome  uphill  wearisome  wicked  
hard feelings  acerbity  acid  acidity  acidulousness  acrimony  animosity  animus  asperity  bad blood  bad feeling  bile  bitter feeling  bitter resentment  bitterness  bitterness of spirit  causticity  choler  disaffinity  feud  gall  gnashing of teeth  hardheartedness  heartburning  hostility  ill blood  ill feeling  ill will  immediate dislike  personality conflict  rancor  rankling  slow burn  soreness  sourness  spleen  vendetta  venom  virulence  vitriol  
hard fought  Herculean  abstruse  arduous  backbreaking  brutal  burdensome  complex  critical  crushing  delicate  demanding  difficile  difficult  effortful  exacting  forced  formidable  grueling  hairy  hard  hard-earned  heavy  hefty  intricate  jawbreaking  killing  knotted  knotty  labored  laborious  mean  no picnic  not easy  onerous  operose  oppressive  painful  punishing  rigorous  rough  rugged  set with thorns  severe  spiny  steep  strained  strenuous  thorny  ticklish  toilsome  tough  tricky  troublesome  uphill  wearisome  wicked  
hard goods  appliances  brassware  chinaware  clayware  copperware  dinnerware  durable goods  durables  earthenware  enamelware  fixtures  flatware  glassware  graniteware  hardware  hollow ware  housefurnishings  housewares  ironmongery  ironware  kitchenware  metalware  ovenware  silverware  sporting goods  stoneware  tableware  tinware  tools and machinery  white goods  woodenware  
hard hat  Bircher  Bourbon  Tory  aegis  arm guard  backstop  buffer  bulwark  bumper  chauvin  chauvinist  conservatist  conservative  contraceptive  copyright  crash helmet  cushion  dashboard  diehard  dodger  extreme right-winger  face mask  fender  finger guard  flag waver  foot guard  fuse  goggles  governor  guard  guardrail  hand guard  handrail  helmet  hundred-percent American  hundred-percenter  imperialist  insulation  interlock  jingo  jingoist  knee guard  knuckle guard  laminated glass  life preserver  lifeline  lightning conductor  lightning rod  mask  monarchist  mudguard  nationalist  nose guard  pad  padding  palladium  patent  patriot  patrioteer  pilot  preventive  prophylactic  protective clothing  protective umbrella  radical right  reactionarist  reactionary  reactionist  right  right wing  right-winger  rightist  royalist  safeguard  safety  safety glass  safety plug  safety rail  safety shoes  safety switch  safety valve  screen  seat belt  shield  shin guard  social Darwinist  standpat  standpatter  sun helmet  superpatriot  ultraconservative  ultranationalist  umbrella  windscreen  windshield  
hard job  Augean task  Herculean task  arduousness  backbreaker  backbreaking work  ballbuster  bitch  burdensomeness  chore  dead lift  effortfulness  handful  hard labor  hard pull  hard work  heavy sledding  laboriousness  large order  man-sized job  onerousness  oppressiveness  rough go  strenuousness  tall order  toilsomeness  tough job  tough proposition  troublesomeness  uphill work  warm work  
hard labor  arduousness  backbreaking work  burdensomeness  confinement  dismemberment  effortfulness  estrapade  galleys  hard job  hard work  impalement  imprisonment  incarceration  jailing  keelhauling  laboriousness  martyrdom  onerousness  oppressiveness  penal servitude  picketing  railriding  rock pile  strappado  strenuousness  tar-and-feathering  the gantlet  toilsomeness  torment  torture  troublesomeness  uphill work  warm work  
hard life  adverse circumstances  adversity  affliction  aggravation  annoyance  blight  bummer  care  cross  curse  difficulties  difficulty  downer  hard knocks  hard lot  hardcase  hardship  irritation  plight  predicament  pressure  rigor  sea of troubles  stress  stress of life  trial  tribulation  trouble  troubles  vale of tears  vicissitude  
hard pressed  at the double  crowded  desperate  double-quick  double-time  hard up  hard-pressed  hard-pushed  hard-run  hurried  in desperate straits  in extremis  in extremities  on the double  pinched  pressed  pressed for time  pushed  rushed  sorely pressed  straitened  up against it  
hard rock  acid rock  avant-garde jazz  ballroom music  bebop  boogie-woogie  bop  country rock  dance music  dances  folk rock  hot jazz  jazz  jive  mainstream jazz  musical suite  rag  ragtime  rhythm-and-blues  rock  rock-and-roll  suite  suite of dances  swing  syncopated music  syncopation  the new music  
hard stuff  Amytal  Amytal pill  Demerol  Dolophine  H  Luminal  Luminal pill  M  Mickey Finn  Nembutal  Nembutal pill  Seconal  Seconal pill  Tuinal  Tuinal pill  addictive drug  alcohol  amobarbital sodium  analgesic  anodyne  barb  barbiturate  barbiturate pill  black stuff  blue  blue angel  blue devil  blue heaven  blue velvet  calmative  candy  chloral hydrate  codeine  codeine cough syrup  dangerous drug  depressant  depressor  dolly  dope  downer  drug  goofball  hard drug  heroin  hop  horse  hypnotic  junk  knockout drops  laudanum  liquor  lotus  meperidine  methadone  morphia  morphine  narcotic  opiate  opium  pacifier  pain killer  paregoric  pen yan  phenobarbital  phenobarbital sodium  purple heart  quietener  rainbow  red  scag  secobarbital sodium  sedative  shit  sleep-inducer  sleeper  sleeping draught  sleeping pill  smack  sodium thiopental  somnifacient  soother  soothing syrup  soporific  stuff  tar  tranquilizer  turps  white stuff  yellow  yellow jacket  
hard up  badly off  desperate  distressed  down to bedrock  embarrassed  feeling the pinch  hard pressed  ill off  impecunious  in Queer Street  in desperate straits  in extremis  in extremities  in narrow circumstances  in reduced circumstances  in straitened circumstances  land-poor  narrow  on the edge  out of pocket  pinched  poor  poorly off  reduced  short  short of cash  short of funds  short of money  sorely pressed  squeezed  straitened  strapped  unmoneyed  unprosperous  up against it  
hardcase  adverse circumstances  adversity  affliction  aggravation  almsman  almswoman  annoyance  bankrupt  beggar  blight  bummer  care  casual  charity case  cross  curse  difficulties  difficulty  down-and-out  down-and-outer  downer  hard knocks  hard life  hard lot  hard-luck guy  hardship  indigent  irritation  loser  pauper  penniless man  plight  poor devil  poor man  poor unfortunate  poorling  predicament  pressure  rigor  sad sack  schlemiel  schlimazel  sea of troubles  starveling  stress  stress of life  sure loser  trial  tribulation  trouble  troubles  unfortunate  vale of tears  vicissitude  victim  welfare client  
harden  acclimate  acclimatize  accommodate  accustom  adapt  adjust  anneal  be tough  beef up  brace  brace up  break  break in  brutalize  buttress  cake  calcify  callous  case harden  caseharden  compact  concrete  condition  confirm  conform  congeal  consolidate  cornify  crystallize  densify  domesticate  domesticize  dry  endure  establish  familiarize  firm  fix  fortify  fossilize  freeze  gentle  gird  habituate  hang tough  housebreak  indurate  intensify  inure  invigorate  lapidify  lithify  naturalize  nerve  orient  orientate  ossify  petrify  prop  refresh  reinforce  reinvigorate  restrengthen  season  set  shore up  solidify  steel  stiffen  strengthen  support  sustain  tame  temper  toughen  train  turn to stone  undergird  vitrify  wont  
hardened  Philistine  acclimated  acclimatized  accommodated  accustomed  adapted  adjusted  annealed  backed  brazen  calcified  callous  calloused  case-hardened  cold  cold of heart  coldblooded  coldhearted  conditioned  conscienceless  crusted  crusty  crystallized  experienced  familiarized  flinthearted  flinty  fossilized  granulated  hard  hard of heart  hard-boiled  hardhearted  heartless  hornified  impenitent  impervious  incrusted  indurate  indurated  insensitive  insolent  inured  lapidified  lost to shame  naturalized  obdurate  orientated  oriented  ossified  pachydermatous  petrified  proof against  reinforced  rigidified  run-in  sclerotic  seared  seasoned  set  shameless  solidified  steeled  steeled against  steely  stiffened  stony  stonyhearted  strengthened  tempered  thick-skinned  toughened  trained  unabject  unblushing  uncompassionate  uncontrite  unemotional  unfeeling  unmelted  unmerciful  unnatural  unrepentant  unrepenting  unresponsive  unsoftened  untouched  used to  vitrified  wont  wonted  
hardening  abidingness  acclimation  acclimatization  accommodation  accustoming  adaption  adjustment  agglutination  arteriosclerosis  atherosclerosis  breaking  breaking-in  calcification  callusing  case hardening  changelessness  clumping  clustering  compression  concentration  concretion  condensation  conditioning  consolidation  constancy  cornification  crystallization  densification  domestication  durability  durableness  duration  endurance  familiarization  firming  firmness  fixedness  fortification  fossilization  frozenness  granulation  habituation  hornification  housebreaking  immobility  immovability  immovableness  immutability  induration  indurative  inurement  invariability  invariableness  inveteracy  invigoration  lapidification  lastingness  lithification  long standing  naturalization  orientation  ossification  permanence  permanency  perpetualness  persistence  persistency  petrifaction  petrifactive  petrification  petrifying  quiescence  refreshment  reinforcement  reinvigoration  restrengthening  revivification  rigidity  sclerosis  seasoning  setting  solidification  solidity  stability  standing  stasis  steadfastness  steeling  stiffening  strengthening  taming  tempering  torpor  toughening  training  unchangeability  unchangingness  vitrifaction  vitrification  
hardening of the arteries  angina  angina pectoris  aortic insufficiency  aortic stenosis  apoplectic stroke  apoplexy  arrhythmia  arteriosclerosis  atherosclerosis  atrial fibrillation  auricular fibrillation  beriberi heart  cardiac arrest  cardiac insufficiency  cardiac shock  cardiac stenosis  cardiac thrombosis  carditis  congenital heart disease  cor biloculare  cor juvenum  cor triatriatum  coronary  coronary insufficiency  coronary thrombosis  diastolic hypertension  encased heart  endocarditis  extrasystole  fatty heart  fibroid heart  flask-shaped heart  frosted heart  hairy heart  heart attack  heart block  heart condition  heart disease  heart failure  high blood pressure  hypertension  hypertensive heart disease  ischemic heart disease  mitral insufficiency  mitral stenosis  myocardial infarction  myocardial insufficiency  myocarditis  myovascular insufficiency  ox heart  palpitation  paralytic stroke  paroxysmal tachycardia  pericarditis  pile  premature beat  pseudoaortic insufficiency  pulmonary insufficiency  pulmonary stenosis  rheumatic heart disease  round heart  sclerosis  stony heart  stroke  tachycardia  thrombosis  tricuspid insufficiency  tricuspid stenosis  turtle heart  varicose veins  varix  ventricular fibrillation  

hartverchromt {adj} Definition

(a.) Covered with defensive plates of metal, as a ship of war
(n.) Same as Chromium.
(superl.) Not easily penetrated, cut, or separated into parts
(superl.) Difficult, mentally or judicially
(superl.) Difficult to accomplish
(superl.) Difficult to resist or control
(superl.) Difficult to bear or endure
(superl.) Difficult to please or influence
(superl.) Not easy or agreeable to the taste
(superl.) Rough
(superl.) Abrupt or explosive in utterance
(superl.) Wanting softness or smoothness of utterance
(superl.) Rigid in the drawing or distribution of the figures
(superl.) Having disagreeable and abrupt contrasts in the coloring or light and shade.
(adv.) With pressure
(adv.) With difficulty
(adv.) Uneasily
(adv.) So as to raise difficulties.
(adv.) With tension or strain of the powers
(adv.) Close or near.
(v. t.) To harden
(n.) A ford or passage across a river or swamp.
(a.) Hard-featured
(a.) Having coarse, unattractive or stern features.
(a.) Having hard or strong hands
(a.) Close-fisted
(a. Vigorously) contested
Hard grass
() A name given to several different grasses, especially to the Roltbollia incurvata, and to the species of Aegilops, from one of which it is contended that wheat has been derived.
(a.) Having hard hands, as a manual laborer.
(a.) Having sound judgment
(a.) Unsympathetic
(a.) Wrought with severe labor
(a.) Not sensible to the bit
(a.) Unyielding
(n.) A name given by soldiers and sailors to a kind of hard biscuit or sea bread.
(a.) Of a harsh or stern countenance
(imp. & p. p.) of Plate

hard chrome-plated Bedeutung

hard sell forceful and insistent advertising
hard tick
ticks having a hard shield on the back and mouth parts that project from the head
hard-shell clam
hard clam
round clam
Venus mercenaria
Mercenaria mercenaria
an edible American clam, the heavy shells were used as money by some American Indians
hard-shell crab edible crab that has not recently molted and so has a hard shell
disk drive
disc drive
hard drive
Winchester drive
computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it
hard disc
hard disk
fixed disk
a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit
hard drug a narcotic that is considered relatively strong and likely to cause addiction
hard hat
tin hat
safety hat
a lightweight protective helmet (plastic or metal) worn by construction workers
hard shoulder a paved strip beside a motorway (for stopping in emergencies)
chrome red a red pigment used in paints, basic lead chromate
chrome green a brilliant green color
hard palate the bony part of the roof of the mouth
hard line a firm and uncompromising stance or position, the governor took a hard line on drugs
hard copy (computer science) matter that is held in a computer and is typed or printed on paper, he ran off a hard copy of the report
hard news news that deals with serious topics or events
hard candy candy that is brittle, you can break a tooth on that hard candy
hard roll
Vienna roll
yeastaised roll with a hard crust
hard-shell clam
round clam
Atlantic coast round clams with hard shells, large clams usually used for chowders or other clam dishes
hard roe
fish eggs or egg-filled ovary, having a grainy texture
hard sauce butter and sugar creamed together with brandy or other flavoring and served with rich puddings
hard-boiled egg
hardooked egg
an egg boiled gently until both the white and the yolk solidify
hard drink
hard liquor
John Barleycorn
strong drink
an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented
hard cider alcoholic drink from fermented cider, `cider' and `cyder' are European (especially British) usages for the fermented beverage
hard core the most dedicated and intensely loyal nucleus of a group or movement
hard right the extreme right wing
construction worker
hard hat
a worker skilled in building offices or dwellings etc.
slave striver
hard worker
someone who works as hard as a slave
Charles Townes
Charles Hard Townes
United States physicist who developed the laser and maser principles for producing high-intensity radiation (-)
hard rush
Juncus inflexus
tall rush of temperate regions
durum wheat
hard wheat
Triticum durum
Triticum turgidum
macaroni wheat
wheat with hard darkolored kernels high in gluten and used for bread and pasta, grown especially in southern Russia, North Africa, and northern central North America
hard beech
Nothofagus truncata
tall New Zealand tree yielding very hard wood
false truffle puffball hard-skinned puffball
any of various fungi of the genus Scleroderma having hard-skinned subterranean fruiting bodies resembling truffles
hard fern any of several ferns of the genus Blechnum
hard cash
hard currency
money in the form of bills or coins, there is a desperate shortage of hard cash
hard currency a currency that is not likely to depreciate suddenly in value, the countries agreed to conduct their bilateral trade in hard currency, replacing previous barter arrangements, Germany once had a solid economy, good fiscal and monetary policies, and a hard currency
an erect penis
hard time
rough sledding
a difficulty that can be overcome with effort, we had a hard time getting here, analysts predicted rough sledding for handset makers
hardship hard knocks
a state of misfortune or affliction, debtidden farmers struggling with adversity, a life of hardship
hard cheese bad luck
hard solder solder that contains copper, melts at a relatively high temperature, used for brazing
chrome another word for chromium when it is used in dyes or pigments
chrome-nickel steel
Elinvar is a trademark for a kind of steel used for watch springs because its elasticity is constant over a wide range of temperatures
chrome-tungsten steel a steel alloy made with chromium and tungsten
chrome green any of a class of green pigments consisting of chrome yellow and iron blue
chrome yellow any of several yellow pigments consisting of normal lead chromate and other lead compounds
anthracite coal
hard coal
a hard natural coal that burns slowly and gives intense heat
hard lead unrefined lead that is hard because of the impurities it contains
hard lead
antimonial lead
a lead alloy that contains about % antimony
hard steel steel with more than .% carbon
hard water water that contains mineral salts (as calcium and magnesium ions) that limit the formation of lather with soap
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