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Deutsche nachgiebig Synonyme

dienstbeflissen  fügsam  folgsam  gefügig  gehorsam  hündisch  leicht  beeinflussbar  lenksam  nachgiebig  rückgratlos  untertänig  unterwürfig  weichlich  willensschwach  willfährig  willig  
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Englische yielding Synonyme

yielding  abandonment  abatement of differences  abdication  abjuration  abjurement  acceptance  accommodating  accommodation  acquiescence  acquiescent  adaptable  adjustment  agreeable  amenable  arrangement  assent  bargain  bearing  bendable  bending  biddable  bouncy  cession  complaisance  compliance  compliant  composition  compromise  concession  consent  convenient  cop-out  deal  deference  desertion of principle  dispensation  disposal  disposition  docile  dropping out  ductile  dumping  elastic  evasion of responsibility  extensible  extensile  fabricable  facile  feasible  fictile  flexible  flexile  flexuous  foolproof  forgoing  formable  formative  forswearing  fructiferous  fructification  fruitbearing  fruiting  fruition  getting rid of  give-and-take  giving  giving up  giving way  handing over  handy  homage  impressible  impressionable  kneeling  letting go  like putty  limber  lissome  lithe  lithesome  malleable  manageable  maneuverable  manipulable  moldable  mushy  mutual concession  nonopposal  nonopposition  nonresistance  nonresistant  nonresisting  obedience  obedient  obeisance  obliging  pappy  passiveness  passivity  plastic  pliable  pliant  practical  producing  pulpy  quaggy  recantation  receptive  release  relinquishment  renouncement  renunciation  resignation  resigned  resignedness  resilient  responsive  retraction  riddance  rubbery  sacrifice  sensitive  sequacious  settlement  shapable  soft  spongy  springy  squashy  squelchy  squishy  squushy  subjection  submission  submissive  submittal  supineness  supple  surrender  susceptible  swearing off  tractable  tractile  unaustere  undemanding  understanding  unexacting  unharsh  unresistant  unresisting  unsevere  unstrict  untroublesome  waiver  whippy  wieldable  wieldy  willowy  withdrawing  


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