Deutsche osteuropäisch Synonyme

Englische East European; Eastern European Synonyme

East  Africa  America  Antipodes  Asia  Asia Major  Asia Minor  Australasia  Dixie  Dixieland  Down East  East Coast  Eastern Hemisphere  Eurasia  Europe  Far East  Levant  Middle Atlantic  Middle East  Middle West  Near East  New England  New World  North  North Central region  Northeast  Northwest  Occident  Oceania  Old World  Orient  Pacific Northwest  South  Southeast  Southwest  Sunbelt  West  West Coast  Western Hemisphere  Yankeeland  continent  down under  eastland  landmass  northland  the Coast  the old country  westland  wild West  
east  E  antarctic  arctic  austral  boreal  cardinal points  compass card  compass rose  degrees  eastabout  eastbound  easterly  eastermost  eastern  easternmost  eastward  eastwardly  eastwards  half points  hyperborean  lubber line  meridional  north  northbound  northeast  northeasterly  northeastern  northerly  northern  northernmost  northward  northwest  northwesterly  northwestern  occident  occidental  orient  oriental  quarter points  rhumb  south  southbound  southeast  southeasterly  southeastern  southerly  southern  southernmost  southward  southwest  southwesterly  southwestern  sunrise  sunset  west  westbound  westerly  western  westernmost  westward  
Easter  Advent  Allhallowmas  Allhallows  Allhallowtide  Annunciation  Annunciation Day  Ascension Day  Ash Wednesday  Candlemas  Candlemas Day  Carnival  Christmas  Corpus Christi  Easter Monday  Easter Saturday  Easter Sunday  Eastertide  Ember days  Epiphany  Good Friday  Halloween  Hallowmas  Holy Thursday  Holy Week  Lady Day  Lammas  Lammas Day  Lammastide  Lent  Lententide  Mardi Gras  Martinmas  Maundy Thursday  Michaelmas  Michaelmas Day  Michaelmastide  Palm Sunday  Pancake Day  Passion Week  Pentecost  Quadragesima  Quadragesima Sunday  Septuagesima  Shrove Tuesday  Trinity Sunday  Twelfth-day  Twelfth-tide  Whit-Tuesday  White Sunday  Whitmonday  Whitsun  Whitsunday  Whitsuntide  Whitweek  
easterly  E  Euroclydon  Tehuantepec wind  Tehuantepecer  antarctic  arctic  austral  bise  boreal  east  east wind  eastabout  eastbound  easter  eastermost  eastern  easternmost  eastward  eastwardly  eastwards  gregale  hyperborean  levanter  meridional  mistral  north  north wind  northbound  northeast  northeaster  northeasterly  northeastern  norther  northerly  northern  northernmost  northwest  northwester  northwesterly  northwestern  occidental  oriental  south  south wind  southbound  southeast  southeaster  southeasterly  southeastern  souther  southerly  southerly buster  southern  southernmost  southwest  southwester  southwesterly  southwestern  tramontane  west  west wind  westbound  wester  westerly  western  westernmost  

osteuropäisch Definition

(n.) The point in the heavens where the sun is seen to rise at the equinox, or the corresponding point on the earth
(n.) The eastern parts of the earth
(n.) Formerly, the part of the United States east of the Alleghany Mountains, esp. the Eastern, or New England, States
(a.) Toward the rising sun
(adv.) Eastward.
(v. i.) To move toward the east
(a.) Situated or dwelling in the east
(a.) Going toward the east, or in the direction of east
East Indian
() Belonging to, or relating to, the East Indies.
East Indian
(n.) A native of, or a dweller in, the East Indies.
(a.) Relating to the Eastern Islands
(a.) Of or pertaining to Europe, or to its inhabitants.
(n.) A native or an inhabitant of Europe.
(a.) Aryan

East European; Eastern European Bedeutung

European bream
Abramis brama
European freshwater fish having a flattened body and silvery scales, of little value as food
eastern kingbird a kingbird that breeds in North America and winters in tropical America, distinguished by a white band on the tip of the tail
blackbird merl
ouzel ousel European blackbird
Turdus merula
common black European thrush
eastern meadowlark
Sturnella magna
a meadowlark of eastern North America
common European jay
Garullus garullus
fawnolored jay with black-and-white crest and blue-and-black wings
European magpie
Pica pica
a common magpie of Eurasia
European creeper
Certhia familiaris
common European brown-and-buff tree creeper with downurved bill
European nuthatch
Sitta europaea
a kind of nuthatch
European shrike
Lanius excubitor
a common European butcherbird
European water ouzel
Cinclus aquaticus
a water ouzel of Europe
grey sea eagle
gray sea eagle
European sea eagle
white-tailed sea eagle
Haliatus albicilla
bulky greyish-brown eagle with a short wedge-shaped white tail, of Europe and Greenland
European fire salamander
Salamandra salamandra
a kind of European salamander
eastern red-backed salamander
Plethodon cinereus
common salamander of eastern North America
European toad
Bufo bufo
common toad of Europe
eastern cricket frog
Acris gryllus
a cricket frog of eastern United States
eastern narrow-mouthed toad
Gastrophryne carolinensis
small toad of southeastern United States
European tortoise
Testudo graeca
small land tortoise of southern Europe
eastern fence lizard
pine lizard
Sceloporus undulatus
small active lizard of United States and north to British Columbia
eastern ground snake
Potamophis striatula
Haldea striatula
in some classifications placed in genus Haldea, small reddish-grey snake of eastern North America
eastern indigo snake
Drymarchon corais couperi
a variety of indigo snake
eastern coral snake
Micrurus fulvius
ranges from Central America to southeastern United States
European wolf spider
tarantula Lycosa tarentula
large southern European spider once thought to be the cause of tarantism (uncontrollable bodily movement)
European black grouse
Lyrurus tetrix
large northern European grouse that is black with a lyre-shaped tail
European cuckoo
Cuculus canorus
common cuckoo of Europe having a distinctive two-note call, lays eggs in the nests of other birds
European roller
Coracias garrulus
common European blue-and-green roller with a reddish-brown back
European swift
Apus apus
common European bird with a shrieking call that nests chiefly about eaves of buildings or on cliffs
European goatsucker
European nightjar
Caprimulgus europaeus
Old World goatsucker
eastern dasyure
Dasyurus quoll
a variety of dasyure
European water shrew
Neomys fodiens
widely distributed Old World water shrew
European spider crab
king crab Maja squinado
a large spider crab of Europe
European lobster
Homarus vulgaris
lobster of Atlantic coast of Europe
European bittern
Botaurus stellaris
a kind of bittern
European gallinule
Porphyrio porphyrio
purple gallinule of southern Europe
European sandpiper
Actitis hypoleucos
a variety of sandpiper
European curlew
Numenius arquata
common Eurasian curlew
European wildcat
Felis silvestris
bushy-tailed wildcat of Europe that resembles the domestic cat and is regarded as the ancestor of the domestic cat
European brown bat
Eptesicus serotinus
common brown bat of Europe
eastern pipistrel
Pipistrellus subflavus
one of the smallest bats of eastern North America
European house cricket
Acheta domestica
lives in human dwellings, naturalized in parts of America
common European earwig
Forficula auricularia
sometimes destructive to cultivated bulbs
corn borer European corn borer moth
corn borer moth
Pyrausta nubilalis
native to Europe, in America the larvae bore into the stem and crown of corn and other plants
European rabbit
Old World rabbit
Oryctolagus cuniculus
common greyish-brown burrowing animal native to southern Europe and northern Africa but introduced elsewhere, widely domesticated and developed in various colors and for various needs, young are born naked and helpless
eastern cottontail
Sylvilagus floridanus
widely distributed in United States except northwest and far west regions
European hare
Lepus europaeus
large hare introduced in North America, does not turn white in winter
European wood mouse
Apodemus sylvaticus
nocturnal yellowish-brown mouse inhabiting woods and fields and gardens
eastern woodrat
Neotoma floridana
large greyish-brown wood rat of the southeastern United States
European lemming
Lemmus lemmus
notable for mass migrations even into the sea where many drown
eastern grey squirrel
eastern gray squirrel
cat squirrel Sciurus carolinensis
common medium-large squirrel of eastern North America, now introduced into England
fox squirrel
eastern fox squirrel
Sciurus niger
exceptionally large arboreal squirrel of eastern United States
eastern chipmunk
striped squirrel
ground squirrel Tamias striatus
small striped semiterrestrial eastern American squirrel with cheek pouches
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