Deutsche wheel Synonyme

big wheel  BMOC  Rasputin  Svengali  VIP  access  bad influence  big boy  big cheese  big gun  

Englische steering Synonyme

steering  accounting  action  agency  aim  analysis  authority  automatic electronic navigation  azimuth  bearing  bent  braking  command  computation  conduct  control  coordination  course  current  direction  direction line  drift  driving  execution  exercise  fact distribution  forecasts  functioning  governance  government  guidance  handling  heading  helmsmanship  husbandry  inclination  inspection  lay  lead  leading  lie  line  line of direction  line of march  management  managery  managing  manipulation  navigation  nonlinear calibrations  occupation  operancy  operation  ordering  orientation  output measurement  performance  performing  pilotage  piloting  point  practice  processing  quarter  range  record keeping  regulation  responsibility  run  running  set  steerage  supersonic flow detection  tendency  tenor  the conn  the helm  the wheel  track  trend  way  work  working  workings  
steering committee  board  board of directors  board of regents  board of trustees  cabinet  cadre  council  directorate  directory  executive arm  executive committee  executive hierarchy  governing board  governing body  infrastructure  interlocking directorate  management  the administration  the brass  the executive  the people upstairs  top brass  


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