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while  albeit  although  amuse  as far as  as long as  at which time  beguile  bit  brighten  chronology  continuity  day  divert  duration  duree  during which time  elbow grease  enliven  entertain  exertion  fateful moment  hour  howbeit  instant  interval  juncture  kairos  lastingness  lighten  meantime  meanwhile  minute  moment  moment of truth  pains  period  point  pregnant moment  psychological moment  psychological time  season  space  space-time  span  spell  stage  stretch  tense  term  the future  the past  the present  the while  tide  time  time lag  timebinding  trouble  when  whereas  whet  whilst  wile  
while away  bestow  consecrate to  consume  dally away  dedicate to  devote  diddle away  dribble away  drivel away  employ  expend  fool away  fritter away  give over to  give to  idle away  muddle away  pass  piss away  potter away  put in  spend  trifle away  use up  while  wile  
while away the time  beguile the time  burn daylight  buy time  consume time  dabble  diddle  doodle  drown care  footle  fribble  fritter away time  have a ball  have fun  keep time  kill time  laugh it up  live it up  look for time  loosen up  lose time  measure time  occupy time  pass the time  pass time  piddle  potter  put in time  putter  race against time  relax  spend time  summer  take time  take up time  trifle  use time  waste time  weekend  winter  work against time  

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