absurd Englisch Deutsch Übersetzung

albern, unsinnig, lächerlich, abwegig adj
Absurde n, Absurdes
the absurd
Absurde n; Absurdes
the absurd
most absurd
more absurd
Es ist ein Unding, zu …
It is absurd to …
absurd; abstrus; abwegig; widersinnig adj
absurd; ludicrous
Es ist ein Unding, zu ...
It is absurd to ...
Es ist ein Unding zu ...
It is absurd to ...
absurd, widersinnig, skurril adj
am absurdesten
more absurd
most absurd
indiskutabel; nicht diskutabel adj
eine indiskutable Forderung
unworthy of discussion; out of the question
an absurd demand
Theater n
Theater pl
ins Theater gehen
beim Theater sein
absurdes Theater
theatre, theater Am.
theatres, theaters Am.
to go to the theatre, to go to the theater Am.
to be on the stage
theatre of the absurd
Symbolfigur f; Gallionsfigur f; Galionsfigur f; Leitfigur f; Ikone f; führender Vertreter m (eines bestimmten Bereichs des öffentlichen Lebens)
Symbolfiguren pl; Gallionsfiguren pl; Galionsfiguren pl; Leitfiguren pl; Ikonen pl; führende Vertreter pl
Ionesco, die Galionsfigur des absurden Theaters
Sie ist eine Ikone des Frauenfußballs.
avatar; icon (of a particular area of public life)
avatars; icons
Ionesco, the avatar of the Theatre of the Absurd
She is an icon of women's soccer.
Theater n
Theater pl
ins Theater gehen
beim Theater sein
absurdes Theater
ein Theater bespielen v
theatre; theater Am.
theatres; theaters Am.
to go to the theatre; to go to the theater Am.
to be on the stage
theatre of the absurd
to use a theatre Br. theater Am. for performances
Theater n art
Theater pl
Dokumentartheater n; dokumentarisches Theater
Jugendtheater n
Landestheater n
Sprechtheater n
Staatstheater n
Totaltheater n
Volkstheater n
ins Theater gehen
beim Theater sein
am Theater Arbeit finden
absurdes Theater
ein Theater bespielen v
Wir waren gestern Abend im Theater.
Gibt es im Theater ein Buffet?
Was spielen sie heute Abend im Theater?; Was wird heute Abend im Theater gespielt?
theatre Br.; theater Am. (for dramatic performances)
theatres; theaters Am.
documentary theatre; documentary theater
youth theatre; youth theater
state theatre; state theater; regional theatre; regional theater
spoken theatre; spoken theater
national theatre theater; state theatre theater
total theatre theater
popular theatre theater; folk theatre theater
to go to the theatre; to go to the theater Am.
to be on the stage
to find work in the theatre
theatre of the absurd
to use a theatre Br. theater Am. for performances
We were at the theatre last night.
Is there a snack bar at in the theatre?
What's on at the theatre tonight?
Philosophie f phil.
Philosophie des Absurden
alexandrinische Philosophie
Philosophie des Als-Ob
Philosophie der Antike; aktike Philosophie
Aufklärungsphilosophie f
Begriffsphilosophie f
Bewusstseinsphilosophie f
Bildphilosophie f
Philosophie der Biologie
Chaosphilosophie f
Philosophie der Differenz
Emergenzphilosophie f
Entwicklungsphilosophie f
Erlebnisphilosophie f
Friedensphilosophie f
Gefühlsphilosophie f
Philosophie des Geistes
Philosophie der Geisteswissenschaft
Philosophie der Geschichte; Geschichtsphilosophie f
Gesellschaftsphilosophie f; Sozialphilosophie f
Glaubensphilosophie f
Handlungsphilosophie f; Philosophie der Tat
Identitätsphilosophie f
Kinderphilosophie f
Philosophie der Kultur; Kulturphilosophie f
Philosophie der Kunst; Kunstphilosophie f
Lebensphilosophie f
Philosophie der Logik
Philosophie der Mathematik
Philosophie der Musik
Philosophie der Natur; Naturphilosophie f
Philosophie der Neuen Musik
Philosophie der Politik
praktische Philosophie
Rechtsphilosophie f
Reflexionsphilosophie f
Religionsphilosophie f
Sportphilosophie f
Sprachphilosophie f
Philosophie der gewöhnlichen Sprache
Staatsphilosophie f
Philosophie des Subjekts
Philosophie der Technik; Technikphilosophie f
Philosophie der technisierten Zivilisation
Philosophie des Unbewussten
Wertphilosophie f
Wesensphilosophie f
Zeichenphilosophie f
Praktischwerden der Philosophie
eine bestimmte Philosophie verfolgen
philosophy of the Absurd
Alexandrian Philosophy
philosophy of the as if; philosophy of as if; as-if philosophy
philosophy of antiquity; ancient philosophy
philosophy of the Enlightenment
philosophy of concepts; conceptual philosophy
philosophy of consciousness
philosophy of image; philosophy of pictures
philosophy of biology
philosophy of chaos
philosophy of difference
philosophy of emergence; emergence philosophy
philosophy of development
philosophy of experience
philosophy of peace
philosophy of sentiment
philosophy of mind; philosophy of spirit
philosophy of the human sciences; philosophy of the humanities
philosophy of history
social philosophy
philosophy of belief
philosophy of action
philosophy of identity
philosophy for children
philosophy of culture; cultural philosophy
philosophy of art
philosophy of life
philosophy of logic
philosophy of mathematics
philosophy of music
philosophy of nature; nature-philosophy
philosophy of modern music
philosophy of politics; political philosophy
practical philosophy
philosophy of law; legal philosophy
philosophy of reflection; reflective philosophy
philosophy of religion
philosophy of sport
philosophy of language
philosophy of ordinary language; ordinary language philosophy
philosophy of the state; civil philosophy
philosophy of the subject
philosophy of technology
philosophy of mechanized civilization
philosophy of the unconscious
philosophy of values
philosophy of essence
philosophy of signs
philosophy becoming a practical activity
to follow a certain philosophy

Deutsche albern Synonyme

affig  (umgangssprachlich)  albern  lachhaft  lächerlich  närrisch  
albern  flachsen  Jux  machen  juxen  scherzen  spaßen  ulken  Witze  machen  witzeln  
albern  flachsen  Jux machen  juxen  scherzen  spaßen  ulken  Witze machen  witzeln  

Englische absurd Synonyme

absurd  Pickwickian  a bit thick  a bit thin  abnormal  amusing  anomalous  asinine  balmy  barred  beyond belief  bizarre  childish  closed-out  cockamamie  comic  contrary to reason  crazy  curious  daft  disproportionate  doubtable  doubtful  droll  dubious  dubitable  eccentric  empty  excluded  extravagant  fantastic  farcical  fatuitous  fatuous  foolish  freaked out  freaky  funny  futile  grotesque  hard of belief  hard to believe  harebrained  high-flown  hilarious  hollow  hopeless  humorous  idiotic  idle  illogical  imbecile  imbecilic  implausible  impossible  inane  incoherent  incommensurable  incommensurate  incompatible  inconceivable  incongruous  inconsequent  inconsistent  inconsonant  incredible  insane  irrational  irreconcilable  kooky  laughable  logically impossible  loony  ludicrous  mad  meaningless  monstrous  moronic  nonsensical  not deserving belief  not possible  nuts  nutty  odd  oddball  off  off the wall  open to doubt  open to suspicion  out  out of proportion  outlandish  outrageous  outre  oxymoronic  paradoxical  passing belief  passing strange  peculiar  poppycockish  potty  preposterous  priceless  problematic  prohibited  quaint  queer  questionable  quizzical  rich  ridiculous  risible  rubbishy  ruled-out  screaming  self-contradictory  senseless  silly  simple  singular  skimble-skamble  staggering belief  strange  stupid  suspect  suspicious  tall  thick  thin  trashy  twaddling  twaddly  unbelievable  unconvincing  unearthly  ungodly  unimaginable  unreasonable  unsound  unthinkable  unworthy of belief  vain  wacky  weird  whimsical  wild  witty  wondrous strange  
absurdity  absurdness  act of folly  aimlessness  amphigory  anticness  babble  babblement  balderdash  bibble-babble  bizarreness  bizarrerie  blabber  blather  blunder  bombast  bootlessness  claptrap  craziness  curiousness  daftness  deformity  dottiness  double-talk  drivel  drollery  drollness  drool  dumb trick  eccentricity  emptiness  error  fallacy  fantasticality  fantasticalness  fatuity  fecklessness  fiddle-faddle  fiddledeedee  flummery  folderol  folly  foolishness  freakishness  fruitlessness  fudge  funniness  fustian  futility  gabble  galimatias  gammon  gibber  gibberish  gibble-gabble  gobbledygook  grotesqueness  grotesquerie  hilarity  hocus-pocus  hollowness  hopelessness  humbug  humorousness  illogicality  impossibility  impossible  impossibleness  impotence  imprudence  inanity  inconceivability  incongruity  indiscretion  ineffectiveness  ineffectuality  inefficacy  insanity  irrationality  jabber  jargon  laughability  ludicrousness  malformation  meaninglessness  monstrosity  monstrousness  mumbo jumbo  narrishkeit  niaiserie  no chance  nonsense  nonsensicality  nugacity  nuttiness  oddity  otiosity  outlandishness  outrageousness  oxymoron  pack of nonsense  palaver  paradox  peculiarity  pointlessness  prate  prattle  preposterousness  pricelessness  profitlessness  purposelessness  quaintness  queerness  quizzicalness  rant  rat race  richness  ridiculousness  rigamarole  rigmarole  rodomontade  rubbish  self-contradiction  senselessness  silliness  singularity  skimble-skamble  sottise  strangeness  stuff and nonsense  stultiloquence  stupid thing  stupidity  teratism  the absurd  the funny side  the impossible  trash  triviality  trumpery  twaddle  twattle  twiddle-twaddle  unimaginability  unproductiveness  unprofitability  unprofitableness  unreasonableness  unthinkability  unwise step  valuelessness  vanity  vaporing  vicious circle  waffling  weirdness  what cannot be  what cannot happen  whimsicalness  wildness  witlessness  


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