Deutsche Flugmotorenhersteller Synonyme

Englische aero engine maker Synonyme

aerobatics  acrobatics  banking  chandelle  crabbing  dive  diving  fishtailing  glide  nose dive  power dive  pull-up  pullout  pushdown  rolling  sideslip  spiral  stall  stunting  tactical maneuvers  volplane  zoom  
aerodynamic  aerial  aerographic  aerologic  aeromechanical  aerophysical  aerospace  aerostatic  aerotechnical  aery  air-conscious  air-minded  air-wise  airsick  airworthy  airy  aviational  ethereal  fuming  fumy  gaseous  gasified  gasiform  gaslike  gassy  mephitic  miasmal  miasmatic  miasmic  oxyacetylene  oxygenous  ozonic  pneumatic  pneumatological  reeking  reeky  smoking  smoky  steaming  steamy  vaporing  vaporish  vaporlike  vaporous  vapory  
aerodynamics  aerial photography  aeroballistics  aerogeology  aerography  aerology  aeromechanics  aeromedicine  aerometry  aeronautical meteorology  aerophotography  aerophysics  aeroscopy  aerospace research  aerostatics  air  atmosphere  aviation technology  avionics  barodynamics  biodynamics  climatology  dynamics  fluid  fluid dynamics  gas  geodynamics  halogen gas  hydrodynamics  hydrostatics  inert gas  kinematics  kinesiology  kinetics  magnetohydrodynamics  meteorology  myodynamics  photometry  pneumatics  rocketry  supersonics  thermodynamics  zoodynamics  
aerography  aerial photography  aeroballistics  aerodynamics  aerogeology  aerology  aeromechanics  aeromedicine  aerometry  aeronautical meteorology  aerophotography  aerophysics  aeroscopy  aerospace research  aerostatics  anemology  aviation technology  avionics  barometry  climatography  climatology  forecasting  hydrostatics  kinematics  kinetics  long-range forecasting  meteorology  microclimatology  nephology  photometry  pneumatics  rocketry  supersonics  weatherology  
aerology  aerial photography  aeroballistics  aerodynamics  aerogeology  aerography  aeromechanics  aeromedicine  aerometry  aeronautical meteorology  aerophotography  aerophysics  aeroscopy  aerospace research  aerostatics  anemology  aviation technology  avionics  barometry  climatography  climatology  forecasting  hydrostatics  kinematics  kinetics  long-range forecasting  meteorology  microclimatology  nephology  photometry  pneumatics  rocketry  supersonics  weatherology  
aeromechanics  aerial photography  aeroballistics  aerodynamics  aerogeology  aerography  aerology  aeromedicine  aerometry  aeronautical meteorology  aerophotography  aerophysics  aeroscopy  aerospace research  aerostatics  animal mechanics  aviation technology  avionics  biomechanics  celestial mechanics  climatology  electromechanics  fluid mechanics  hydromechanics  hydrostatics  kinematics  kinetics  leverage  mechanical arts  mechanics  meteorology  photometry  pneumatics  quantum mechanics  rational mechanics  rocketry  servomechanics  statistical mechanics  supersonics  wave mechanics  zoomechanics  
aeromedicine  aerial photography  aeroballistics  aerodynamics  aerogeology  aerography  aerology  aeromechanics  aerometry  aeronautical meteorology  aerophotography  aerophysics  aeroscopy  aerospace research  aerostatics  aviation technology  avionics  climatology  hydrostatics  kinematics  kinetics  meteorology  photometry  pneumatics  rocketry  supersonics  
aeronaut  aeroplaner  aeroplanist  air pilot  airplanist  astronaut  aviator  barnstormer  birdman  captain  cloud seeder  commercial pilot  copilot  crop-duster  flier  instructor  jet jockey  licensed pilot  pilot  rainmaker  stunt flier  stunt man  test pilot  wingman  
aeronautics  air service  airline  astronautics  aviation  ballooning  blind flying  cloud-seeding  commercial aviation  contact flying  cruising  flight  flying  general aviation  gliding  pilotage  sailing  sailplaning  soaring  winging  
aeroplane  adjustable propeller  afterburner  aileron  air controls  air scoop  aircraft  airlift  airplane  airscrew  astrodome  avion  balloon  bay  be airborne  beaching gear  blister  body  bomb bay  bonnet  bow  brace wire  bubble  bubble canopy  bubble hood  bucket seat  cabin  canopy  cat strip  chassis  chin  coaxial propellers  cockpit  coke-bottle fuselage  control surface  control wires  cowl  crew compartment  cruise  deck  dihedral  dorsal airdome  drift  dual controls  ejection seat  ejector  elevator  elevon  ferry  fin  finger patch  flap  flit  float  fly  flying machine  fuel injector  fuselage  gas-shaft hood  glide  gore  gull wing  gun mount  hatch  heavier-than-air craft  hood  hop  hover  hydroplane  instruments  jackstay  jet  jet pipe  keel  kite  laminar-flow system  landing gear  launching gear  launching tube  leading edge  longeron  nacelle  navigate  nose  pants  parasol wing  plane  pod  pontoon  prop  propeller  rudder  rudder bar  sail  sailplane  seaplane  ship  ski landing gear  slitwing  soar  spinner  spoiler  spray strip  stabilizator  stabilizer  stay  stick  stick control  stressed skin  strut  tail  tail plane  tail skid  take the air  take wing  truss  turret  undercarriage  volplane  wheel parts  wing  wing radiator  
aerosol  aspergil  aspergillum  atomizer  clyster  concentrate sprayer  douche  enema  evaporator  fountain syringe  mist concentrate sprayer  needle bath  nozzle  retort  shower  shower bath  shower head  sparge  sparger  spray  spray can  sprayer  sprinkler  sprinkler head  sprinkling system  still  syringe  vaporizer  watercart  watering can  watering pot  
aerospace  CAT  aerial  aerophysical  aerosphere  aerotechnical  air hole  air pocket  air-conscious  air-minded  air-wise  airsick  airspace  airworthy  aviational  bump  ceiling  crosswind  empty space  favorable wind  fog  front  head wind  high-pressure area  hole  ionosphere  jetstream  low-pressure area  overcast  pocket  roughness  soup  space  stratosphere  substratosphere  tail wind  tropopause  troposphere  trough  turbulence  visibility  visibility zero  
aerosphere  CAT  aerospace  air hole  air pocket  airspace  atmosphere  biosphere  bump  ceiling  crosswind  ecosphere  empty space  favorable wind  fog  front  gaseous envelope  head wind  high-pressure area  hole  ionosphere  jetstream  lift  low-pressure area  noosphere  overcast  pocket  roughness  soup  space  stratosphere  substratosphere  tail wind  tropopause  troposphere  trough  turbulence  visibility  visibility zero  welkin  
aerostatics  aerial photography  aeroballistics  aerodynamics  aerogeology  aerography  aerology  aeromechanics  aeromedicine  aerometry  aeronautical meteorology  aerophotography  aerophysics  aeroscopy  aerospace research  aviation technology  avionics  biostatics  climatology  electrostatics  gyrostatics  hydrostatics  kinematics  kinetics  meteorology  photometry  pneumatics  rheostatics  rocketry  statics  stereostatics  supersonics  thermostatics  

aero Definition

() The combining form of the Greek word meaning air.

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Aero is a Greek prefix relating to flight, and air. In British English it is used as an adjective related to flight .

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