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Deutsche Eisenhüttenmann {m} (Metallurgie) Synonyme


Englische ironworker Synonyme

ironworker Definition

ironworker Bedeutung

ironworker a person who makes articles of iron
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An ironworker is a tradesman who works in the ironworking industry. Ironworkers erect the structural steel framework of pre-engineered metal buildings, single and multi-story buildings, stadiums, arenas, hospitals, towers, wind turbines, and bridges. Ironworkers assemble the structural framework in accordance with engineered drawings. Ironworkers also unload, place and tie reinforcing steel bars as well as install post-tensioning systems, both of which give strength to the concrete used in piers, footings, slabs, buildings and bridges. Ironworkers load, unload, place and set machinery and equipment and operate power hoists, forklifts, and aerial lifts. They unload, place and fasten metal decking, safety netting and edge rails to facilitate safe working practices. Ironworkers finish buildings by erecting curtain wall and window wall systems, pre-cast concrete and stone, stairs and handrails, metal doors, sheeting and elevator fronts. Ironworkers perform all types of industrial maintenance as well.