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Deutsche unentschlossen Synonyme

ratlos  unentschieden  unentschlossen  unschlüssig  

Englische irresolute Synonyme

irresolute  adrift  afloat  agnostic  alternating  ambiguous  ambitendent  ambivalent  amorphous  at loose ends  bland  capricious  chancy  changeable  changeful  changing  desultory  deviable  dicey  dizzy  double-minded  doubting  dubious  eccentric  equivocal  erratic  faltering  fast and loose  fence-sitting  fence-straddling  fickle  fitful  flickering  flighty  flitting  fluctuating  freakish  giddy  halfhearted  halting  hesitant  hesitating  impetuous  impulsive  incalculable  inconsistent  inconstant  indecisive  indemonstrable  infirm  infirm of purpose  infirm of will  insipid  irregular  irresolved  irresponsible  mazy  mercurial  milk-and-water  milky  moody  mugwumpian  mugwumpish  mushy  mutable  neutral  of two minds  polysemous  rambling  restless  roving  scatterbrained  shapeless  shifting  shifty  shilly-shallying  shuffling  skeptical  spasmodic  spineless  tasteless  tentative  touch-and-go  unaccountable  uncertain  unconfirmable  uncontrolled  unconvinced  undecided  undependable  undetermined  undisciplined  undivinable  unfixed  unforeseeable  unpersuaded  unpredictable  unprovable  unreliable  unresolved  unrestrained  unsettled  unstable  unstable as water  unstaid  unsteadfast  unsteady  unsure  unverifiable  vacillating  vacillatory  vagrant  vapid  variable  vicissitudinary  vicissitudinous  volatile  wandering  wanton  watery  wavering  wavery  wavy  wayward  whimsical  wishy-washy  wobbly  

irresolute Definition

(a.) Not resolute

irresolute Bedeutung

irresolute uncertain how to act or proceed, the committee was timid and mediocre and irresolute
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