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Deutsche Schaffner Synonyme

KiN  (fachsprachlich)  Kondukteur  (schweiz.)  Kontrolleur  Kundenbetreuer  Schaffner  Zub  (fachsprachlich)  Zugbegleiter  

Englische ticket-collector Synonyme

ticket collector Definition

(n.) One who collects things which are separate
(n.) A compiler of books
(n.) An officer appointed and commissioned to collect and receive customs, duties, taxes, or toll.
(n.) One authorized to collect debts.
(n.) A bachelor of arts in Oxford, formerly appointed to superintend some scholastic proceedings in Lent.
(v.) A small piece of paper, cardboard, or the like, serving as a notice, certificate, or distinguishing token of something.
(v.) A little note or notice.
(v.) A tradesman's bill or account.
(v.) A certificate or token of right of admission to a place of assembly, or of passage in a public conveyance
(v.) A label to show the character or price of goods.
(v.) A certificate or token of a share in a lottery or other scheme for distributing money, goods, or the like.
(v.) A printed list of candidates to be voted for at an election
(v. t.) To distinguish by a ticket
(v. t.) To furnish with a tickets
Tyburn ticket
() A certificate given to one who prosecutes a felon to conviction, exempting him from certain parish and ward offices.

ticket collector Bedeutung

split ticket a ballot cast by a voter who votes for candidates from more than one party
straight ticket a ballot cast by a voter who votes for all the candidates of one party
box office
ticket office
ticket booth
the office where tickets of admission are sold
collector the electrode in a transistor through which a primary flow of carriers leaves the region between the electrodes
collector's item
piece de resistance
the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection
pinwheel pinwheel wind collector a toy consisting of vanes of colored paper or plastic that is pinned to a stick and spins when it is pointed into the wind
solar dish
solar collector
solar furnace
a concave mirror that concentrates the rays of the sun, can produce high temperatures
ticket window a window through which tickets are sold (as from a ticket booth)
just the ticket
the appropriate or desirable thing, this car could be just the ticket for a small family
ticket book a book of tickets that can be torn out and used
slate ticket a list of candidates nominated by a political party to run for election to public offices
meal ticket
luncheon voucher
coupon redeemable at a restaurant and entitling the holder to a meal
ticket a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment)
commutation ticket
season ticket
a ticket good for several trips or to attend a season of entertainments, sold at a reduced rate
plane ticket
airplane ticket
a ticket good for a trip on an airplane
railroad ticket
train ticket
a ticket good for a ride on a railroad train
theater ticket
theatre ticket
a ticket good for admission to a theater
bus ticket a ticket good for a ride on a bus
round-trip ticket
return ticket
a ticket to a place and back (usually over the same route)
ticket stub
a torn part of a ticket returned to the holder as a receipt
ticket a summons issued to an offender (especially to someone who violates a traffic regulation)
speeding ticket a ticket issued for driving above the speed limit
parking ticket a ticket issued for parking in a restricted place
ticket-of-leave a permit formerly given to convicts allowing them to leave prison under specific restrictions
a label written or printed on paper, cardboard, or plastic that is attached to something to indicate its owner, nature, price, etc.
ticket line a queue of people waiting to buy tickets
collector a crater that has collected cosmic material hitting the earth
ticket agent
booking clerk
someone who sells tickets (e.g., theater seats or travel accommodations)
ticket holder holder of a ticket (for admission or for passage)
a person who is employed to collect payments (as for rent or taxes)
collector aggregator a person who collects things
garbage man
garbage collector
garbage carter
garbage hauler
refuse collector
someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse
butterfly collector
an entomologist who specializes in the collection and study of butterflies and moths
coin collector
a collector and student of money (and coins in particular)
stamp collector
a collector and student of postage stamps
rent collector a person who goes from house to house collecting rents for the owner
tax collector
collector of internal revenue
internal revenue agent
someone who collects taxes for the government
ticket collector
ticket taker
someone who is paid to admit only those who have purchased tickets
toll collector
toll taker
toll agent
someone employed to collect tolls
tout ticket tout someone who buys tickets to an event in order to resell them at a profit
meal ticket a source of income or livelihood
pawn ticket a pawnbroker's receipt for articles taken as security
ticket provide with a ticket for passage or admission, Ticketed passengers can board now
issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty, I was fined for parking on the wrong side of the street, Move your car or else you will be ticketed!
very expensive, big-ticket items like cars and furs, a big-ticket government program
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