Deutsche Lapsus Synonyme

Fauxpas  Fehler  Flüchtigkeitsfehler  Inkorrektheit  Irrtum  Lapsus  (umgangssprachlich)  Missgriff  Patzer  (umgangssprachlich)  Schnitzer  (umgangssprachlich)  
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Englische lapse Synonyme

lapse  abeyance  about-face  advance  alchemy  apostasy  apostatize  assimilation  assumption  atavism  atheism  atrocity  backing  backset  backslide  backsliding  backward deviation  backward motion  backward step  balk  be all over  be caught napping  be gone  be neglectful  be negligent  be no more  be past  become extinct  become void  becoming  bevue  blooper  blow over  blunder  boner  breach  break  bull  bungle  cadence  caesura  catabasis  catenary  cave  cave in  cease  cease-fire  cessation  change  change-over  close  closing  cock  collapse  comedown  continue  conversion  crash  crime  crime against humanity  culpa  culpable negligence  day off  deadly sin  debasement  decadence  decadency  deceleration  declension  declination  decline  decline and fall  decrescendo  decurrence  default  deformation  degeneracy  degenerate  degenerateness  degeneration  degradation  delinquency  demotion  depravation  depravedness  depreciation  dereliction  derogation  descend  descent  desertion  deteriorate  deterioration  deviate  devolution  die  die away  diminish  diminuendo  diminution  disappear  disenchantment  disregard  dive  downtrend  downturn  downward mobility  downward trend  droop  drop  dwindling  dying  ebb  effeteness  elapse  end  endure  enormity  err  error  evil  expire  fade  fading  fail  failing  failure  failure of nerve  fall  fall again into  fall astern  fall away  fall back  fall behind  fall from grace  fall into error  fall off  falling back  falling-off  false move  false step  fault  felony  flip-flop  flit  flop  flop down  flow  flow on  fluff  flump  flump down  fly  foible  founder  frailty  gap  genocide  get behind  give way  glide  gloss over  go amiss  go astray  go awry  go backwards  go behind  go by  go down  go downhill  go off  go on  go out  go wrong  goof  growth  guilty act  have a relapse  have it  have its time  have run out  heavy sin  hesitation  hiatus  hit a slump  hit rock bottom  hit the skids  hold-up  hol  
lapsed  Adamic  Circean  ago  animal  animalistic  antiquated  antique  apostate  atheistic  backsliding  beastlike  beastly  bestial  blasphemous  blown over  bodily  brutal  brute  brutish  by  bygone  bypast  carnal  carnal-minded  coarse  dated  dead  dead and buried  deceased  defunct  departed  earthy  elapsed  erring  expired  extinct  fallen  fallen from grace  finished  fleshly  forgotten  frail  gone  gone glimmering  gone-by  gross  has-been  impious  impure  infirm  irrecoverable  irreligious  irreverent  material  materialistic  no more  nonspiritual  obsolete  of easy virtue  orgiastic  over  passe  passed  passed away  past  peccable  physical  postlapsarian  prodigal  profanatory  profane  recidivist  recidivistic  recreant  renegade  run out  sacrilegious  swinish  unangelic  unchaste  unclean  undutiful  ungodly  ungood  unrighteous  unsaintly  unspiritual  unvirtuous  vanished  virtueless  wanton  wayward  weak  wound up  


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Ein Lapsus ist ein unwillkürlicher Fehler. Differenziert wird in:

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